Choosing a Caravan Antenna Guide

Choosing a Caravan Antenna Guide

Who said you need to miss your favourite shows or sports while touring in your caravan? With a good caravan TV antenna, you can make sure your TV has reception when you need it most - like when your team is about to score!

What makes a good caravan TV antenna? Which brands should you compare? Take a look at our guide to caravan TV antennas. 


Things You Need To Consider Before You Buy:

Frequency Range:

The television channels that you watch make their way into your set top box through UHV or VHF transmissions. Typically, VHF frequencies are common in the major cities of Australia, whereas smaller towns and remote areas largely use UHF frequencies. Which is why the caravan TV antenna you purchase should be able to receive both these frequency ranges. 


Signal Directionality:

Caravan antennas can be directional or omni-directional. A directional antenna means that you need to orient towards the closest transmission tower. An omni-directional antenna can “self-orient” and receive signal from all directions, which is ideal when you’re travelling. The Englaon 360° OMNI Directional DTV Antenna can pick up signals up to 80km away in all directions both vertical and horizontal. 

Booster Or Amplifier:

Your TV antenna at home is already optimised and oriented to receive the channels. But when you are on the move, especially in remote areas, the signal can be a little tricky to pick up meaning your antenna will work harder. We recommend choosing an antenna with an inbuilt amplifier or help boost your existing antenna with a separate amplifier. For example, the King Jack antenna has a built-in signal booster for maximum VHF and UHF reception.


Remember - these accessories will need power to run, so make sure you have enough battery capacity even if you’re off grid. 


Mounting & Installation:

Where will you mount your antenna? Consider how your antenna can be installed and how simple it will be to mount.

Look for some handy features for caravans, such as folding antennas. This means you can stow them easily when not in use. Check out the Foldaway antenna which is not only compact but also folds up quickly to fit in the supplied carry tube. It also comes with cable and brackets ready to mount on the outside of your vehicle. It’s great for pop-up campervans and camper trailers. 

Others can be easily dismounted, or have a low profile and do not need dismantling when not being used.


Durable Design:

Another important factor is durability. Look for a brand that makes robust, UVF resistant, and weatherproof antennas. After all, your caravan TV antenna will be highly exposed as you travel. 


Top Brands For Caravan TV Antennas:

Not all antenna brands are made equal. Our recommended brands include:


Here are a few of our most popular models:

Winegard Antenna:

The Winegard Antenna range is one of the most popular for RV owners. It’s easy to see why! It has a bi-directional antenna so it can receive both horizontal and vertical digital signals. This means it will pick up a wider range of TV channels on the road. It also picks up high definition so you can watch your favourite show or sport with your compatible HD television in the comfort of your caravan. The Winegard Sensor features two independently amplified antennas to deliver maximum digital VHF/ UHF programming.

Another benefit of the Winegard antenna is that you can easily wind it up and down to lie flat on the caravan roof from inside the van. This means there’s no need to climb up to set up or pull down the antenna. This also serves as a great way to adjust the antenna inside the van to get the best signal. 


Milenco Power 900L Antenna:

MiIenco’s Power 900 L Antenna is an omnidirectional antenna, which means there is no need to rotate or lower or raise your antenna for the best reception. It offers 360-degree reception when roof-mounted.

The caravan TV antenna also has a built-in high gain and low noise signal amplifier to pick up digital channels easier. While 4G can interfere with some antennas, this Milenco model is 4G compatible, so it won’t interfere with any nearby 4G networks. 

The operating voltage is 12/24V DC, and it offers 38dB gain and 76 ohms impedance, which means it boasts super high performance. 


Pro Tip For Your Caravan TV Antenna:

Having trouble with your antenna? Start by checking your coaxial cable. When installed in moving vehicles wires can rub and wear over time. If you expose any wiring the antenna’s ability to receive signal will be impeded. 

The same goes for the connections - always check the connections between the cable, antenna and television are fitted tight and not loose or have exposed wires. 


Shop our range today to choose the best caravan TV Antenna for your RV!

DISCLAIMER* Please note, this advice is general in nature and we strongly recommend consulting the product manual and where relevant, a professional installer.

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Wineguard aerial

Hi, was wanting the winegard aerial supplied and fitted in my 2003 Toyota campervan
By: Ann Goggins on 03 March 2024 Response
Hi Ann, we have reached our directly you via your email.

Winegard HV antenna

Our caravan is 3 years old and is on it’s 2nd Winegard antenna. The first one seized in rotation and replaced by dealer, the existing unit has seized in rotation 4 times ( once it seized 90 degrees from Centre line over the edge of the van) and had to be forced back so we could travel. It regularly is sprayed with silicone spray as per instructions so if this the best antenna wonder what the worst is. I am a pensioner and cannot afford to have this fault rectified each time it happens. Any remedies are appreciated.
By: Bill Mourney on 03 March 2024 Response
Hi Bill, with most travellers cruising along the coast of Australia salt spray can be quite a problem in maintaining anything with moving parts. It is harsh substance that can cause issues with most things. I would check out the Milenco Power 900L, this doesn't need to be raised or pivoted for excellent coverage.

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