Caravan Antennas

Buying a Caravan TV Antenna? Some Important Facts to Remember

You’ve bought a TV and set top box, and are now looking to complete the picture (literally!) with a good quality caravan TV antenna. Before you purchase the first one you see, there are a few important things to keep in mind:


Frequency range:

The television channels that you watch make their way into your set top box through UHV or VHF transmissions. Typically, VHF frequencies are common in the major cities of Australia, whereas smaller towns and remote areas largely use UHF frequencies. Which is why the caravan TV antenna you purchase should be able to receive both these frequency ranges. Most modern products such as the Jack Antenna by King will satisfy this criterion.


Signal Strength and Directionality:

Your TV antenna at home is already optimised and oriented to receive the channel set that you’ll be watching. However, your caravan TV antenna will have to be hard at work orienting itself to receive your favourite channels while you drive around remote areas with poor signal strengths. When making your purchase, consider buying a product with an inbuilt amplifier to boost the available signal strength and give you better picture quality. The Jack Antenna does this with finesse, thanks to components and features that include not just a built-in amplifier, but also a SureLock signal meter to automatically position the antenna in the direction of the received signals. The Jack Antenna is equipped with full 360 degree rotational ability to receive TV signals from all directions.



Not only should your chosen caravan TV antenna be easy to mount or install, it should offer at least one of the following capabilities: (i) the ability to retract or fold down when not in use; (i) the ability to dismount completely and put in storage when not in use, or (iii) a low profile design that does not require dismantling. The last scenario is your best bet, on account of requiring the least amount of effort on your part. The Jack Antenna for instance is highly convenient for motorhome use, on account of its fixed height design that doesn’t require constant cranking or monitoring. In addition to this, the Jack Antenna is designed for installation flexibility. Not only is it compatible with a wide range of motorhome roof thicknesses, it also features a compact design that can allow your vehicle to pass through low-clearance areas without any damage.

There are a number of finer technicalities to consider before buying a caravan TV antenna, but the above information should serve as a basic guide to help you start browsing. Check the shortlisted product manuals for the antenna’s frequency range, directionality, installation type, storage mechanism (if applicable), and cost. Typically, a caravan TV antenna is an inexpensive purchase, especially considering the crystal-clear television viewing experience that it promises throughout your camping trip.




DISCLAIMER* Please note, this advice is general in nature and we strongly recommend consulting the product manual and where relevant, a professional installer.