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Close Comfort Refrigerated Air Cooler - No Installation Required

Close Comforts PC9+plus is a new type of portable air conditioner featuring revolutionary patented Australian technology that allows for convenient and efficient personal cooling indoors or even outdoors. These units are capable of being used anywhere as a stand alone unit straight out of the box with its simple 'plug in and place' design making it perfect for the caravan, camping and home outdoor living lifestyle - especially in the hotter summer months. Weighing only 17 Kg the Close Comfort Portable Air Conditioner is easily moved anywhere and will start cooling the immediate area in the direction the unit is positioned. Simply plug into 240volt power and your good to go - there is no need for installation, ducting or consumables like ice or water needed. Built to be very simple to use, there is a remote control for your convenience aswell.

How does it work? 

Quite simply warm air is drawn into the unit, cooled down to as low as 17 degrees and blown out on to the user displacing any warm air in the immediate vicinity of the unit, essentially creating an effective cool micro-climate - similar to a conventional fan but much much cooler. 

The Close Comfort Refrigerated Air Cooler uses only 300 watts of power, which is 3 times less power than even the most efficient air conditioners on the market and about the same output as a few light bulbs. The reason it is so efficient is because the PC9+plus creates a cool micro-climate directly in front of the unit, instead of wasting valuable energy trying to cool the entire room. Having cool refrigerated air blowing on you instead of circulating (via a fan) already warm air can make huge difference to your personal comfort - especially in very humid areas.   

The cool comfort is continually displacing the warm air directly in front of the unit with cool refrigerated air, this means that the warm air that has been displaced needs to be vented which can be done by simple leaving a window open or even using outside. It is a lot more convenient to simply open a window than it is to install ducting like in many other portable air conditioners.       

The PC9+plus has been successfully tested all over the world and are very popular in conditions where convential air conditioning is not readily available, or not very economical to install and efficiently run. 

Sleeping with the Close Comfort - Is it silent? 

Whilst this unit can be used for sleeping and is very effective for personal or spot cooling, keep in mind that because the cool comfort uses a compressor for pumping refrigerent (just like a normal air conditioner) - you will hear the noise of the compressor running and the noise of the airflow. This may be still a better alternative to a hot nights sleep and is still no noisier and has the added bonus of providing a cooler experience than a conventional pedastal fan.  

Warm air is also produced by the compressor and needs to be vented via an open window if using this unit indoors. 


  • Remote control with temperature control
  • Three speed operation – low, medium, and high
  • Easily portable at 17 Kg, with four wheels
  • No pipes out the window
  • No consumables required
  • Uses only 300 Watts
  • Compatible with 220 - 240 Volts ~50 Hz
  • The optimal air-conditioning choice for humid conditions
  • Perfect for spot cooling



  • Dimenisons when closed: 270x560x370
  • Dimensions when open/in use: 270x750x440
  • Weight: 17kg
  • Minimum operating voltage: 185V
  • Cooling Capacity: 700W-1100W
  • Cold air flow rate: 125m³/h
  • Operating noise: 46-54 dBA
  • Warranty: 2 years




Great product

By: on 23 May 2019
Great product for instant and portable cool air. I mainly use this in my caravan to get a great nights sleep. It doesn't cool down the whole van but it does blow cold refrigerated air in the immediate vicinity of the unit which makes it 10 times better than using a normal fan.

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Q) Whats the difference between an Refrigerated Air Cooler and an Air Conditioner? 

A) They both essentially cool the air using the refrigerant method - so technically there is no difference from an engineering point of view.  In Australia we tend to relate air conditioning to the cooling of a whole room sealing in as much of that cool air as possible whilst venting warm air directly to the exterior of the room.  The Close Comfort is not designed to cool a whole room like a normal Air Conditioner, rather it is designed to use a fraction of the energy of a traditional air conditioner by blowing cold refrigerated air directly on the user instead of trying to cool down the whole room.  Any warm produced by the unit is naturally vented by leaving your windows or hatches open which is why the Close Comfort is far more economical to run and does not require ducted ventilation. This makes it portable and quick to setup in any room - or even outdoors.    

Think of a fan that can blow refrigerated cold air instead of recirculating the existing warm air.  

Q) Will this cool a whole room? 

A) This unit is designed as a personal cooler and to keep the immediate vicinity of the cooler down to 17 degrees.  If you adequately ventilate the room and allow the hot air escape, the overall temperature of the room will become slightly cooler.   

Q) Can I use the cool comfort on my outdoor back patio? 

A) Yes it is quite effective for the person it is aimed at. It is very effective for spot cooling - even outdoors. 

Caravan RV Camping

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