Caravan Combi Units

Sink & Stove Combi Units

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Save space in your caravan or RV with sink and stove combo units. Space is at a premium in caravans and motorhomes. Every last millimetre counts. That’s why these sink and stove combo units are a smart choice for your caravan interior.


Sinks and Stoves for Small Spaces

If you own a small caravan that has very limited space, you can still own a high-quality stove. Choose from our range of sink and stove combo units from top brands like Dometic, Thetford, and Smev. As the leaders in caravan appliances, these brands know exactly how to give you the cooking performance you need in a compact space.


Check out the 3 burner sink and hotplate combo by SMEV, which features a stainless steel finish, glass lids, and flame failure devices on each burner. Or the Dometic Cramer Combi stovetop features 3 burners and is installed flush with the worktop. The Thetford 353 sink and stove combo unit boasts a 7.5L sink and 3 gas burners all in one sleek package. Complete with a stylish split glass lid, you can also use it for extra work space when you’re not cooking.


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Dometic MO9722 2 Burner Combination Stove with Sink
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