DC to DC Converters with Galvanic Isolation

Converters with Galvanic Isolation


Enerdrive and Victron have mastered DC galvanic isolation with their ranges of DC DC converter that provide a reliable and efficient source of power.


What Is Galvanic Isolation? 

Galvanic isolation is where the electrical circuits are separated to eliminate stray currents. Signals can pass between galvanically isolated circuits, but stray currents are blocked – such as differences in ground potential or currents induced by AC power. You can achieve this with a DC DC Converter with galvanic isolation.


Galvanic Isolated DC DC Converters

When you buy a DC DC converter from Enerdrive and Victron, you know you’re getting innovative technology from top-quality manufacturers. DC to DC converters from Enerdrive offer Switch Mode Technology that protects against over current or overload, over voltage, overheating and reverse polarity connection. Enerdrive’s DC DC converters are interference free, so you can benefit from stable, reliable, and efficient power supply. Built tough and compact, these units omit very little heat, meaning they are safe for installation even where space is tight.

With a DC DC converter from Victron, you have the convenience of a remote on-off, so there’s no need for a high current switch in the input wiring. With Enerdive and Victron converters, multiple units can parallel to increase overall output.

Choose DC DC converters ranging from 2.5A to 30A and various voltages to meet your application.