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Dual Battery Kits

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Enerdrive DIY Dual Battery Kit
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Dual battery kits are essential for all the hardcore 4X4 drivers out there. A dual battery system supplied by both Baintech and Enerdrive is your foolproof strategy to ensure you will make it back home without a flat battery.

Dual Battery Kits for Your Next Adventure

Venturing off the beaten track? There are no tow trucks or roadside assist where you’re going! If you get a flat battery, it’s going to be a long hike home. That’s why you can’t risk heading out without dual battery kit.

A dual battery kit from Baintech or Enerdrive is your solution. Think of it as an affordable 'insurance policy' that you can pack into your vehicle to ensure you get home safe every time.


How A Dual Battery Kit Works

The idea is simple. When your engine starts, the alternator starts charging your second battery. When your engine stops, it stops charging your second battery. Your dual battery kit is powerful enough to meet any of your hardcore needs while you’re in the wild. Baintech and Enerdrive boast tough battery kits which can withstand whatever you throw at them – they are waterproof, dust-proof and fully self-contained. With all the cables and fittings, you need, installation is easy!


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