Caravan AGM Deep Cycle Batteries

12V Deep Cycle Battery:

We highly recommend having a 12V deep cycle battery in your caravan or camping setup as they play an important role in preparing for emergencies and they allow you to run your favourite appliances and electronics. There are three different types of deep cycle batteries which include AGM, Gel and Lithium batteries.

An AGM or Gel battery is suitable if you are looking to save money, want a battery for cranking and you have plenty of time to wait for the battery to charge. If you are wanting a more efficient, lightweight and quicker charging battery than look into a lithium battery. You will initially pay more for these batteries, however they have a longer battery life and a bigger depth of discharge (AGM = 50% compared to Lithium = 80%).

AGM Batteries For Sale:

Our range of AGM batteries starts at 7A all the way up to 390A. Choosing a size depends on your requirements including what you want to power, how long you want to power these appliances and how much you want to spend. Obviously, the bigger the battery the more expensive it will be (generally).

Our 12V deep cycle battery range includes models from Camec, Power-Sonic and Zeal. We highly recommend any of these brands as they are high quality, come with extensive warranties and come with after market support!

Narrow down our AGM batteries for sale with our three subcategories: "Up to 100Ah", "101Ah-200Ah" and "201Ah and Above".



DZ 12V/12Ah AGM Deep Cycle Battery

DZ 12V/12Ah AGM Deep Cycle Battery

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