AGM Up to 100Ah


Power up your caravan life with a 12V AGM battery. These batteries are a must-have addition to your caravan set-up so you can enjoy some home comforts on the road.


What Is A 12V AGM Battery?

AGM batteries are typically affordable, low maintenance, and resistant to shock and vibrations, which makes them a great choice for caravans and 4WD trips. An Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) battery has porous fibreglass mats between the battery’s plates, which act as sponges for the battery’s electrolyte fluid. This stops the fluid from spilling out if the battery gets tipped over.


The best thing about a 12V AGM battery is that it will provide your 12V electronic devices with steady power, so you can power up your life on the road. Good-quality 12V AGM batteries, like the ones you’ll find in our range, tend to have a low self-discharge rate so you can keep them in storage for long periods without them going flat.


Our wide range of 12V AGM batteries includes top brands Century, Victron, Power-Sonic, Camec and Zeal.

Shop 12V AGM batteries up to 100Ah.



Zeal 12V 7Ah AGM Battery

Zeal 12V 7Ah AGM Battery