Gel 101Ah - 200Ah

101Ah - 200Ah

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Love to take your adventures off-grid? You need a 12V deep cycle battery. At Caravan RV Camping, we only sell batteries by brands we know you can trust, including Victron and Baintech.


12V Deep Cycle Battery by Baintech

When it comes to deep cycle batteries for your off-grid 4WD, caravan or camper travels, you can’t go past Baintech. Why? Because Baintech is one of Australia's leading experts in power storage solutions. These 12V deep cycle batteries by Baintech are designed to provide brilliant deep cycling performance for your dual battery set up. You can expect dependable power for as long as you need it!


12V Deep Cycle Battery by Victron

Victron is the off-grid specialist, which means they know what it takes to manufacture batteries that deliver whenever and wherever you need them. Buy a Victron 12V Deep Cycle Battery and you get the best deep cycle durability and overall longer life. These gel batteries come with a 2-year warranty and the peace of mind that, thanks to high purity materials and lead calcium grids, your 12V deep cycle battery won’t go flat during long periods without charge. Choose from 110Ah, 130Ah and 165Ah batteries to suit your needs.


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