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Power-Sonic 12V 70Ah Gel Deep Cycle Battery
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Looking for a smaller deep cycle battery for your vehicle? Our range starts at a tiny 26Ah right through to a 100Ah deep cycle battery. Shop top battery brands including Victron and Power-Sonic.


Why Buy A Deep Cycle Battery?

Simple – a deep cycle battery is essential for providing power over a longer period of time. Whether it’s a 26Ah or 100Ah deep cycle battery, it’s designed to withstand constant discharge to a lower level and then be recharged to full capacity so you can use it again and again.

Deep cycle batteries come in all sizes. A 100Ah deep cycle battery or smaller is great for camping and marine use. Not sure which one to choose? Make sure that there is enough battery capacity (Amp hours) to power your equipment. A 100Ah deep cycle battery is a popular size for caravans.


This range of gel batteries is also ideal for tighter space requirements and higher temperature environments. Best of all, they can withstand higher levels of vibration which makes them ideal for off-road 4WD and boating applications.


With a wide range of 26Ah to 100Ah deep cycle batteries to choose from, you’re sure to find the best one for your needs and budget. Compare a range of sizes in our online store.


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