Evakool Down Under

Evakool Down Under

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Looking for the latest portable camping fridge to hit the market? Check out the impressive Evakool Down Under Series II, which are assembled and commissioned by Evakool on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. Choose the perfect size for your adventures, including 47 litres, 65 litres, 80 litres or 95 litres. Series II feature a new and improved Secop compressor along with Evakool's own roll bond evaporator, plus choose the colour that best suits you with a choice of the Iconic Evakool Blue, Midnight Black or Phantom Grey. 


Take Your Portable Fridge Freezer to The Next Level with EvaKool Down Under

Evakool Down Under is all about adventure. Whether you’re camping with your family, 4WD driving on remote tracks or having a weekend BBQ on the beach with your mates, this fridge/freezer series has everything you need. 


Iconically Australian

Manufactured locally on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, the Evakool Down Under Series is as Aussie as it gets. You can be confident you’re getting a model that’s going to perform in the tough Australian conditions. Featuring a world renowned Secop compressor and highly efficient roll bond evaporator system,  boasting high quality and backed with a 5-year warranty!  Evakool Down Under is the ultimate portable fridge/freezer for all your adventures and is replacing the iconic but discontinued Evakool ranges TMDZ, TMZ and the Glacier.