Evakool Glacier XTREME 80 Litre Dual Zone Fridge/Freezer

Evakool Glacier - Made in Australia

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Evakool Glacier XTREME 80 Litre Dual Zone Fridge/Freezer


The Glacier Xtreme is the ultimate companion for your family camping trips and adventures. Constructed from a heavy-duty metal cabinet, this modern fridge has dual zone functionality which means you can run it as a fridge and freezer at the same time, a sleek, satin black finish and is a comfortable 80L capacity. Plus, this model is assembled and commissioned locally in Australia at Evakool’s HQ on the Sunshine Coast in QLD.

This new model from Evakool is an upgraded version of the previously popular Glacier 75L model (G75-DX-DL). The newer model has slightly increased capacity but comes in lighter at an impressive 25kgs. It also now has an extra 'Max Compressor' mode to quicken cooling when required.


Key Features:

  • Dual Zone Functionality with Twin Lids (Can run as a full fridge, or freezer + fridge!)
  • World Renowned Secop Compressor
  • Sleek, Satin Black Powder Coated Metal Cabinet
  • Ultra-Modern Digital Control Panel
  • 12/24V Anderson Plug Power Inlet & 240V Power Adaptor (Included)
  • 3 Level Battery Protection Settings
  • Eco & Max Compressor Speeds
  • Internal LED Lighting
  • High Quality Fittings
  • Warranty: 2 Years on the Fridges, 5 Years on the Compressor

What's In the Box?

  • Glacier Xtreme 80L Dual Zone Fridge/Freezer
  • FREE Protective Cover
  • 12V Lead with Anderson Style Connectors
  • 3 Removable Baskets
  • 240V Power Adaptor
  • Product Manual



  • Insulation Thickness: 60 mm
  • Average Power Consumption:  At 32C ambient temperature, on ECO mode, the average power consumption of the GLX-80-DZ at 2C and -16C is 2.5-2.8A/hr.
  • External Dimensions: 455 H x 906 L x 557 W


Special Things to Note:

*The Small Bin (LHS) has a temperature range of -18C to 10C and can be used as a fridge, or freezer. The Large Bin (RHS) has a temperature range of -5C to 10C and can be used as a fridge only.



Brand Evakool

GTIN 9330263000457

Product Category Portable Camping Fridges

Portable Fridge Type Dual Zone

Total Capacity 80 Litres

Fridge Cabinet Material Metal

Fridge Length 906 mm

Fridge Width 557 mm

Fridge Height 455 mm

Weight: 25.3kg

Average Power Consumption:  At 32C ambient temperature, on ECO mode, the average power consumption of the GLX-80-DZ at 2C and -16C is 2.5-2.8A/hr.

NOTE: see full product specifications & further product info in the Description section on this page.

Warranty Period: 2 Years

Warranty Details: Please CLICK HERE for Warranty Information on this product

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  • What size battery should I have to power a portable fridge?

    First, you will need to determine how much power your portable fridge will consume on average per hour under certain ambient conditions; please see the Product Specification Tab of the product where we provide this information. Additionally, you will need to know the size of your battery in amp-hours.

    When you have these number, you can calculate the approximate run time in hours by dividing the size of the battery by that average consumption figure.

    Some examples:

    If it is stated consumption is 1 amp per hour average, multiple that by 24 hours (equals 24 Amp hours per day).

    You should understand that you never get the full amount of amp-hours from a battery. As a good rule of thumb, you should use 80% for a Lithium Battery and 50% of an AGM/GEL (lead acid) battery.

    So, for a 100 Amp hours deep cycle lithium battery, we can assume 80 amp-hours of usable power.

    If we are looking at a refrigerator that have an average consumption of 1 amp per hour, and it is the only appliance running from a 100 amp-hour battery. You should be able to run the refrigerator for around 80 hours before recharging is needed. 

  • How much solar do I need to power my portable fridge?

    The panel should be of a suitable size to meet requirements of the refrigerator and any other appliance running from the battery. It's best to use the solar panel to charge a battery, as opposed to running the fridge directly from the solar panel as voltage will drop if clouds come overhead for instance. The battery means your refrigerator keeps running even if the voltage output of the solar panel drops severely due to cloud cover.

    A good rule of thumb to prevent inadequacies with power supply is to have a solar panel large enough to provide enough daily power to run your refrigerator and have battery storage of an extra 2/3 on hand. So, if your refrigerator (or any other appliance) will consume 30 amp-hours per day, you should have battery storage of 90 amp-hours capacity and a solar panel of around 80 watts or greater capacity to ensure you will not have problems.

    It is advised to go a little higher in specification than your needs. However, a popular solar panel size to charge your batteries to run camping fridges is around 120 - 160 watts.

  • Will the fridge drain my car battery?

    Your car starter battery will need a certain voltage level to crank over. If you are running the fridge direct from your cranking battery, most user manuals, including Dometic, recommend switching your portable fridge on to Medium or High voltage setting.

    By changing this setting you are telling the fridge to cut out (stop drawing power) at a predetermined voltage level. See table below:

    Example - Dometic CFX3's Voltage settings:

    To avoid battery draining of your starter battery we recommend choosing the high setting.

    If you are connected to a house (Auxiliary) battery then you are fine to choose the low setting.

  • I am considering buying a solar blanket for my camping trips - can I run my camping fridge directly from the solar blanket?

    Hi there,

    Great question! However, unfortunately no, you will not be able to run your camping fridge directly with a solar blanket.

    A battery will be required to be used to provide a continuous power supply for the fridge. You will need to plug the portable fridge/freezer into the battery and plug the battery into the solar panel/blanket.

    The solar panel/blanket on its own is unable to provide stable and constant power to your portable fridge/freezer, which is required to maintain your pre-set temperature.

  • How much ventilation do I need surrounding the fridge when it is operating?

    To ensure that your portable fridge/freezer are not overheating which will result in a high power consumption that leads to poor performance and efficiency, it is important to make sure that the fridge/freezer is getting the right amount of ventilation.

    We would always recommend at least a 100mm buffering perimeter around the fridge when it is being stored in an enclosure. However, many manufacturers will generally advise a 200mm buffering gap around the fridge vent for the best possible performance.

    Additionally, we highly recommend to regularly clean the air inlet and outlet vent of the fridge/freezer. This will prevent dust from creating a blockage. 

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