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Shop our range of fishing accessories including gloves, scalers, rod holders, nets and more!


Fishing Accessories for Every Angler

Our range of fishing accessories has everything you need to fish with confidence. From a rod holder to gloves, pellets and scalers, we have your fishing needs covered.

Our fishing rod holder by Wilson is the perfect accessory to keep your valuable rod out of the sand or dirt. With a rod holder, you can use both hands to re-rig or bait up, without any hassle! Other essential fishing accessories are gloves. Fishing gloves will help protect your hands and fingers from minor, annoying injuries whilst providing grip when handling fish. You’ll wonder how your ever went fishing without them! From the great range of Wilson fishing accessories, you can buy the Wilson Fish Scaler. This scaler is a great option for all types of fishing and comes with a robust aluminium handle and a rust resistant steel head.

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Not sure which fishing accessories you need? Browse our store and you’re sure to find something that will help you reel in your next big catch and make your fishing trip smooth sailing. Shop our top products by Wilson and Sure Catch today. 

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