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Evakool EvaPower Slimline 12/240V Adaptor
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Bushman 240V to 12V Adapter

Bushman 240V to 12V Adapter


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Need a power adaptor to connect your fridge? Or a frame to install your fridge in your caravan? Maybe you just want an ice cube tray to keep your cocktails cool? Find all this and more in our range of fridge accessories.

Power Adaptors for Caravan Fridges

Make sure your caravan fridge is set up and ready to go with the right power adaptor. The Dometic AC to DC power adaptor is built to suit 12/24V DC fridge models so you can run your 12-24 Volt appliance off 240 Volt mains power. That’s ideal if you’re set up in a caravan park for a few nights and want to keep your fridge running from the site power.

Need a power adaptor for your Evakool fridge? Our range has it covered. Find an adaptor to convert 240 Volt down to 12 Volt to run all popular Evakool fridges. The power adaptor also features a 50 Amp Anderson plug and a 50 Amp Anderson to cigarette adaptor as a bonus!


Fridge Braces, Ice Cube Trays and More

For all the caravan accessories you could need, check out our online store. Buy caravan fridge braces to keep items upright in your fridge, mini-ice cube trays for sundowners, and even bottle stops. We’ve got fridge accessories you didn’t even know existed!


Need help? Click here:  Upright Caravan Fridge Buyer's Guide

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