Interior Caravan Lights

Interior lights


Brighten up your caravan interior and keep having fun long after the sun goes down. Shop our range of interior caravan lights for the perfect solution.


Brighten Up with Interior Caravan Lights

Caravan RV Camping offers a wide collection of interior caravan lights for all types of vans, motorhomes and RVs. Find solutions for all budgets from some of the biggest and best names in caravan lighting, including Narva, Coast to Coast and Camec.


Our range includes interior dome lamps, porch lights, roof lights, mirror lights, speakers with lights, fluro tube lights, and much more. Looking for a dimmer light to create the perfect ambience? Browse a range of stylish pendant lamps with a touch sensitive dimming switch.


Switch to LED Interior Caravan Lights

Make the switch from old light globes to LED lights. LED lights burn for much longer than your old lights, making them a great solution for caravans and RVs. They can last longer than the life of your caravan! Most of the lights in our range are LED lights, and they are very affordable to replace. Why not mount some LED light strips under cupboards and inside cabinets to brighten up the interior? No matter what interior caravan lights you need, find the solution here in our online store.  


Narva 12V LED Adjustable Reading Lamp

Narva 12V LED Adjustable Reading Lamp

$39.00 $43.00

OEX 12V LED Interior Light with Switch

OEX 12V LED Interior Light with Switch

$79.00 $90.00

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