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Renogy 12V 400Ah REGO Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery
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Enerdrive now offers 400Ah lithium battery bundles that feature 2x 200Ah batteries. Check out the battery bundles which include a parallel cable kit for complete convenience.

Enerdrive 400Ah Lithium Battery Bundles

Enerdrive offers the latest 200Ah lithium battery with a massive 200 Amps of high-performance power, the Enerdrive Generation 2 (G2) B-TEC 200Ah Lithium Battery.  The Enerdrive ePOWER B-TEC is designed for use in deep cycle applications. Best of all it comes with a 5-year full replacement warranty. These Enerdrive 400Ah lithium battery bundles give you not one, but two 200Ah batteries so you get even more battery power when you need it. The bundle also comes with a LiFePO4 Battery Management System to monitor and optimise each Prismatic cell in the battery during normal operation. The BMS helps to ensure safe and accurate operation of the battery, so it lasts longer. The 400Ah lithium battery bundles come with an Enerdrive Battery 95mm2 Parallel Cable Kit, so you can hook up your batteries and get started immediately. No wasting time trying to find the right cable – it's right here ready for your convenience.

Choose the Enerdrive 400Ah lithium battery bundle to suit your needs. Bundles come with products such as an Enerdrive DC2DC Battery Charger12V 40A, Enerdrive ePOWER 60amp / 12V Smart Charger, ePOWER 2000W Inverter or ePOWER 2600W Inverter and the option of an ePRO Plus Battery Monitor or ​​​​​​Simarine Pico+ Display Panel Mount Black.

Check out the top 400Ah lithium battery bundles by Enerdrive.



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