Our Guide To Caravan Levels

Our Guide To Caravan Levels

You’ve parked your caravan after a long drive, and are finally ready to make dinner, crack open an icy cold drink and enjoy your first night in the campground. But then you realise...the caravan isn’t level. 

The sink isn’t draining properly. The gas fridge isn’t running properly. Lemons are rolling around the benchtop. And you know that when it’s bedtime, you’ll be rolling into the wall!

As any seasoned caravanner will tell you, spending a bit of time upfront with caravan levels will make your stay more comfortable and enjoyable in the long run. Plus, you won’t damage any valuable appliances. 

Read our essential guide to caravan levels:


How To Choose Caravan Levels

There are a few things you need to think about when you buy caravan levels - and it all comes down to your trailer/caravan.

  • Do you have a single or tandem axle caravan? Tandem wheels need two levelling ramps on the same side.

  • What is the tyre width? If you have extra wide tyres, look for a caravan level to match. 

  • How much does the caravan weigh? Check how many tonnes the caravan levels can hold. 


Extra Accessories

Most caravan levels now come with a chock included, so once the caravan is level the trailer will stay in place. If they don’t come included, it is best to get a matching brand to the caravan level, so they will easily interlock in various positions.

Look for caravan levels that come with a storage bag to keep your levels and chocks together in your van, so it’s easy to find them when needed. 

Pro Tip: Buy a two-way level and permanently mount it onto your A-frame or draw bar so you can easily see when your caravan is level. 


Our Recommended Caravan Levels

Caravan Levels For Single Axle:

Titan RV has nailed the market with the Camper Leveler Wheel Chock. It enables you to level perfectly first time, every time. No guesswork - you simply drive on until level and chock!

Titan RV also offer the, newly released in 2022, RedFoot Levelling RV Multi Stage Levelling Ramps. These are designed for caravans or motorhomes with wider tyres to allow for better contact on the ramps in order to reduce sinking on soft ground with its larger footprint. With three multi stage levelling platforms, these ramps will make it easier to level your caravan or motorhome on uneven ground. 


For a super strong and sturdy caravan level, check out the Milenco Quattro Pair of Levelling Ramps. The ramps can hold 2000kg per wheel with the ability to raise the van up to 160mm.

If you're looking for a cheap entry level model, we recommend the Hulk 4x4 Plastic Wheel Level Ramps. These ramps are rated to 5,000kg and are ideal for levelling caravans and motorhomes on uneven surfaces. The ribbed platform improves grip and there are three steps available: 40mm, 70mm and 100mm. You can still use wheel chocks with the caravan levels. 


Caravan Levels For Tandem Axle:

For a tandem axle caravan or trailer, check out the Haigh CVL2 ramp and chock kit. Made in Australia, these ramps are specifically designed for tandem axles. The ramp has a red and black section that splits and can be put between the wheels in two stages. 

They have a 5 tonne capacity and feature an extra wide tread for tyre widths of up to 250mm. They’re able to raise a wheel up to 100mm! They can also be used on single wheels if needed.


Pro Tip: It is easier to drive onto a level ramp than reverse back onto it, so check your ground levels before pulling onto site and, if you can, have your levels in place ready to drive on to.


All In One Solution:

At Caravan RV Camping we offer the perfect all-in-one solution for levelling and unhitching your caravan with the Black Jack Electric Trailer Jack Bundle with Harness kit & Redfoot Levelling Camper Levellers. The RedFoot Levelling Camper Leveller is a lightweight and compact leveller with a huge load capacity and backed with a lifetime warranty making it a great addition to your caravan accessories list.

Alternatively, the Black Jack Electric Trailer Jack Bundle with Harness kit & Redfoot Levelling Big Block is a great bundle that will allow extra extension from your Black Jack, giving you that extra reach when required and saving wear and tear overtime. They are strong and durable with a lifetime warranty and can also be used as a step for convenience while on the road. 


HOT TIP - Check out the Redfoot Levelling Anti Ant Stabilser Pads for when you are unhitched. Simply place under your stabiliser legs, fill with water and instantly you have a barrier for those pesky ants from entering your van.


Browse our entire range of caravan levels online today!


DISCLAIMER* Please note, this advice is general in nature and we strongly recommend consulting the product manual and where relevant, a professional installer.

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