The Sphere Automated Satellite System: Hands-Free Reception & Positioning

Regardless of how accustomed you are to the road, there will reach a point where you’ll all tire of travel-sized board games and lengthy books. When it comes down to it, television has become a basic part of our culture, one that is quickly missed after extended periods of travel.

If you’ve been missing favorite television shows or sports events during recent travels, or simply want to stay up-to-date with what’s going on in the world, then a caravan satellite or antenna is the product for you. In particular, the following few paragraphs by Caravan RV Camping, act as a brief overview of the most automatic and hands-free system currently available on the market: The Sphere Automated Satellite System.

NOTE: To watch any type of television programming on the road, you will be required to purchase an Austar/Foxtel subscription in addition to whatever satellite/antenna system you select.

The Sphere Automated Satellite System is manufactured by a Korean company named SatPlus. Although the SatPlus name is not particularly recognised at this moment, they are endorsed by Coast to Coast, a subsidiary of the famous Jayco brand which boasts their skills in “blending Old World Amish craftsmanship with innovative technology”.

What is the Sphere Automated Satellite System?

The Sphere Automated Satellite System (or SASS, for short) is the industry’s current answer to high-quality, hands-free, 100% automated reception. Manufactured in Korea, the very home of topline technological standards, the operation of a Sphere Automated Satellite System requires only that you turn it on and press “search”.

Once you’ve begun the signal search, the SASS then automatically searches your satellite area, positioning itself into the very best spot to receive OPTUS C1/D3 satellites (covering the majority of Australia). Because of the wide OPTUS C1/D3 coverage area, the SASS is capable of garnering reception in even the hardest to reach locations, such as the Northwestern areas of Western Australia, assuming weather permits it, of course.

In regards to construction, the Sphere Automated Satellite System is composed of two separate entities:

  • The dish, which incorporates the satellites positioning mechanism and twin low-noise boxes (LNBs)
  • The indoor unit which provides the user a control platform

Sphere Automated Satellite System Specifications

  • A 100% automated dish unit with integrated twin LNBs and durable weather-tight connectors
  • A simple, user-friendly, indoor user control panel with a brilliant LED screen
  • A 12V power system 
  • LNB frequency of 10.7 GHz
  • Height of 200mm (closed)
  • Mounting base plate dimensions: 700mm (l) x 700mm (w)
  • Net weight of 16kg (with dish), 19kg (with dish, cables, and indoor unit)

NOTE: Unfortunately, a satellite receiver box does NOT come with the purchase of a Sphere Automated Satellite System. If you need a receiver box to use with the SASS, Caravan RV Camping recommends the VAST DSR4639 Dual Channel Recorder and Receiver, in particular. The VAST DSR4639 allows you to record one channel while watching another, a feature not available in most competitor models.