Transforming your Caravan with a Camec Washing Machine

Author: Tahlia Maynard   Date Posted:6 December 2016 

The arrival of caravan washing machines was a major breakthrough in the realm of comfortable camping. They offered an advanced degree of self-sufficiency for the average caravanning family, an aspect that has only grown with time. Today, the caravan accessories market is abuzz with a vast array of compact, sophisticated and intelligent washing machines. The Camec washing machine collection holds its own amid all the competition, and here are the reasons why.

Product variety

There’s a Camec washing machine for every set of requirements. Whether you’re heading out for a short solo trip, or taking the entire family camping over the summer, you can find a suitable washer from Camec’s impressive collection. The range starts with the Camec 2.5kg washing machine, a pocket friendly and compact top loading washer, and branches out to cover top and front loading machines with varying load capacities, features and sizes.

Low water consumption

A Camec washing machine helps you save water, proving indispensable in the long run. Camec washers are programmed to automatically monitor and calibrate water levels based on specific laundry loads. They also offer the user a variety of features such as the quick wash programme that can run through the wash cycle quickly and use minimal water in the process. At its minimal load capacity, the Camec 2.5kg washing machine uses only 15 litres of water for a complete cycle. The minimum water usage for the 4kg version is 19 litres, going up to only 45 litres at its highest load setting.

Friendly user interface

An intuitive user interface goes a long way in increasing the functionality of any appliance, and caravan washing machines are no exceptions. A Camec washing machine comes with prominent buttons and display screens, the higher models even displaying the amount of time left in the current wash cycle in the form of a status bar.

Extreme customisability

Multiple was programmes and was timers are just some of the many custom features that a Camec washing machine will offer you. The top-of-the-line 4kg front loading machine comes with a special programme for washing delicate items. It also gives you the option of a hot wash, thanks to an inbuilt heating element, with the added perks of being able to set the water temperature. Further, you can manually set the machine’s motor speed, and choose a bidirectional wash cycle. Even the Camec 2.5kg washing machine comes with 7 custom programs for you to choose from.

High product lifespan

All Camec products are built to last, and the same holds true for the caravan washing machines manufactured by the brand. Besides, using these machines sensitively, and only when the floor of your caravan is level, will increase their lifespan to well over their one-year warranty period.

Choosing a Camec washing machine as your laundry solution while caravanning, will guarantee your caravan an upgrade to new-age sophistication. So don’t miss out on the Camec convenience this camping season! On account of their popularity and well-established industry presence, Camec products can easily be found at any caravan parts and supplies website or outlet.