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Looking for an under bonnet lithium battery? Lithium is fast becoming one of the most popular upgrades to the touring setup. Our range include top battery brands including DCS and Invicta to ensure you can find the right under bonnet lithium battery for you.


Discover Top Brands For Your Under Bonnet Lithium Battery

DCS Lithium Batteries are popular for 4×4 owners looking to install an under bonnet lithium battery. Check out their range which includes lithium batteries from 75Ah up to 260Ah. They are designed to work under extreme conditions under a vehicle’s bonnet thanks to years of research and development by DCS. The batteries can operate in temperatures up to 80 degrees C and are completely stable up to 110 degrees C. DCS has developed a robust internal battery management system for maximum life performance and these under bonnet lithium batteries come with a 3, 4 or 5 year warranty.

Another top brand for an under bonnet lithium battery is Invicta. For example, the Invicta Hybrid Starter Battery can also be installed under the bonnet and connected directly to the alternator to deliver high Cold Cranking Amps (CCA). Check out full range of under bonnet lithium batteries today.