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Pro Series Weight Distribution Hitch 600Lb (135-275kg)

When towing a caravan or trailer and you’re experiencing excess sway, reduced steering and braking responsiveness, less traction and headlights that beam upwards instead of down onto the road in front of you - it’s time you invested in a weight distribution hitch.

By connecting your caravan to your car using an appropriately sized hitching system, you are evenly distributing the total weight of your car and caravan across all axles, this will also level your setup evenly allowing your brake and steering to perform correctly and more importantly - safely. 

The 600Lb model accepts laden ball weights (tow ball weight) between 136-275kg and is suitable for caravans up to 2.75 tonne in total weight.  Featuring a strong cast head with double-sided friction sway compatability, it uses 30 inch spring bars with round profiles for extra clearance along the drawbar.  Snap up chain brackets with a lifting handle allows for ergonomic handling. The quick adjusting head has 6 different tilt positions providing extra ground clearance when required.



  • Strong cast head featuring double sided friction sway compatibility.
  • Quick adjustable head, with 6 tilt positions, features a course tooth adjustment washer.
  • Snap up brackets with chains and lift handle.
  • Round Style bars give the extra clearance under the A-frame when turning. 



  • Includes: Hayman Reese standard offset shank
  • Suits: standard 50 x 50mm tow bar receiver
  • Towball Weight Capacity: 135kg to 275kg (600lb)
  • 30 inch round bar style spring bars 
  • Shipping Weight: 33kg


Paul’s Tips

  • If the standard offset shank doesn’t provide you enough range, try one of the compatible Hayman Reese New Style Offset Shanks.
  • Your towball weight can be measured simlply by using a Tow Ball Weight Scale.
  • A minimum 10 - 15% of your caravans total weight should rest on your towball for safe operation.





> PDF: Camec Pro Series Weight Distribution Hitches Brochure

> Video: Note: this video demonstration is for a Trunion Style Hitch (not round Bar)


By: on 12 October 2017
Product as per description, very happy with distribution hitch, easy to install and worked a treat. Recommend

Pro Series 600LB Weight Distrribution Hitch

By: on 5 September 2017
Hubby found this Hitch very easy to use and a fantastic price, fitted without any fuss and with the excellent delivery service, we had the hitch delivered to our place within 3 days. Thank you for the stress free transaction

Great service

By: on 14 July 2017
Looked at buying this product on eBay but rang direct to Caravanncamping Sales and they were extremely helpful. The ProSeries Weight Distribution Hitch that I bought arrived within 4 days. Haven't had opportunity to use it yet, but looks great Will,certainly use them again for any future purchases


3 May 2017


1 February 2017
Excellent product along with great advice and service .Would recommend .

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Will this 600lb Pro Series Hitch be compatible with my low mounted/recessed coupling setup on my caravan?    

Yes in some, but not all cases!   This Pro Series 600lb curved round bar style is primarily desiged for normal top mounted couplings mounted to a 6 inch (150mm) thick draw bar, although it will still fit bottom mounted or recessed couplings provided you have enough ground clearance.  The idea of the curved round bars is to drop down underneath the drawbar to avoid any contact on the A-Frame when turning tighter corners.  

We recommend the caravan coupling height (measured from ground to top of coupling) to be at least 480mm off the ground to fit this round bar style hitch.  This will allow your spring bars approximately 150mm - 200mm ground clearance which is about the same as your car differential lowest point.  If your coupling height is lower, the hitch may still fit, although your ground clearance is reduced. 

If you do not have enough ground clearance you may need to look at the original Hayman Reece trunion style hitch which has straight springbars that do not hang as low.  These hitches are designed for bottom mounted couplings and draw bars that are not as thick as the common 6 inch (150mm) caravan draw bars.     


The below picture shows a Pro Series round bar style hitch on a top mounted coupling.  This is exactly what the round bar Pro Series Hitch is designed for, allowing the draw bar to be clear of the spring arms when turning sharp. 


The below picture here shows a trunion style hitch on a top mounted coupling.  This style hitch has the potential for the springarms to contact the draw when turning sharp - especially on 6 inch (150mm) drawbars.  A round bar hitch would be better with this setup on a 6 inch drawbar, so that the bars will clear the draw bar when turning.   



The below picture on the left shows a round bar hitch on a low mounted coupling.  The below picture on the right shows a trunion/straight bar hitch on a low mounted coupling.  You will get more clearance from a trunion/straight hitch, although it is no problems to use a round bar setup on a low mounted coupling provided you have the ground clearance.





How do I know if the Hayman Reece Standard Shank will fit my setup? 


First measure the height of your vehicles tow bar receiver centreline to the ground. (receiver centreline is generally also the height of your locking pin)

Secondly measure the height from the top of your caravan coupling to the ground.  (make sure caravan is level) 

When your weight distribution hitch is connected, the top of your towball will sit 70mm above the centreline of your tow bar receiver on the lowest setting. (assuming you have a standard towball with overall height of 70mm)

You will then be able to adjust your towball upwards to approximately 230mm above the centreline of your tow bar receiver. 

If the height to the top of your caravan coupling is outside of this range above the centreline of your tow vehicle, then you will need to order an extra long shank sold separately.  

An extra long shank will give you an extra 95mm or 160mm adjustment depending on what size extra long shank you require.  90mm below the centreline of your receiver bar is the lowest the top of your towball will sit. (+70 - 160mm = -90mm) 


Caravan RV Camping

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