Hayman Reese Weight Distribution Hitch

Hayman Reese Weight Distribution Hitch

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Hayman Reese Trunion Style Weight Distribution Hitch for Caravan Towing 

When you think towing, you think think Hayman Reese! One of Australias most trusted brands in the caravan industry with good reason.  If you want to tow safely, then consider installing one of these Hayman Reese Weight Distribution Hitches. 

These hitches are a straight trunion style bar which gives maximum ground clearance around your hitch area. Matching your tow ball to your caravan coupling and levelling up your setup is the key to safe towing.  The correct ball weight is equally important and with all these things in check, you can be rest assured you are keeping your family safe while towing. 


Why Install a Weight Distribution Hitch to my Car and Caravan?

If find you have excess sway whilst towing, your caravan is riding 'nose down', or your tow is vehicle riding 'nose up', you will find that installing a Hayman Reece Weight Distribution Hitch will help to restore your vehicles balance and ride height.  This will make braking and steering more effective as some of the caravan weight is transferred to the front wheels of your tow vehicle.  You will also find that by using the adjustable shanks that are available, you can match the tow ball to your caravan coupling height, which will eliminate the unsafe practice of your caravan riding 'nose up' causing excess and dangerous swaying. 


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