Sphere Satellite

Sphere Satellite

The Sphere Automated Satellite System: Innovative, Hands-Free Entertainment

After an extended period on the road, even the happiest camper can grow bored with travel-sized board games and books.

At first glance, the Sphere Automated Satellite System (or SASS, for short) may appear expensive, especially when compared to lesser, competitor models.

However, the Korean-manufactured SASS is currently considered the most automated and hands-free system currently available on the market.

In order to provide customers with a little overview of the SASS, we have compiled the following few paragraphs.

Simply skim through them to rapidly see why the SASS has become one of the most talked about RV satellite systems in the caravanning industry.

NOTE: To access any type of Pay TV while on the road, an Austar/Foxtel subscription will be required.


SatPlus: Backed by Coast and Jayco

The Sphere Automated Satellite System is built by a Korean company named SatPlus.

Having recently celebrated their 10 year anniversary, SatPlus is backed by Coast, a subsidiary of the renowned Jayco Corporation.

Founded in 1968 by Lloyd J Bontrager, Jayco advertises “blending Old World Amish craftsmanship with innovative technology” and is the largest family-owned RV manufacturer Australia-wide.


SASS: Overview and Features

As its name suggests, the Sphere Automated Satellite System is 100% automated, with an operation consisting of simply turning on the power and pressing “search”.

When a search has been initialized, the SASS automatically scans the area, finding the perfect position for satellite reception.

SASS locates and locks onto Australian OPTUS C1/D3 satellites using a 10.700 GHz L.O., in particular. 

These OPTUS satellites cover the majority of Australia, ensuring reception in even difficult to reach areas, such as the Northwestern region of Western Australia (weather permitting, of course).   

In addition to OPTUS C1/D3 reception, the SASS is also fully compatible with Direct Broadcast Satellites (DBS), capable of broadcasting entertainment from over 35,000km away.

Lastly, the Sphere Automated Satellite System is made up of 2 main components:

  • The actual dish, which includes the positioning mechanism and twin low-noise boxes (LNBs)
  • The indoor unit which provides an easy-to-use interface


NOTE: A satellite receiver box is NOT included with the purchase of the SASS. If you will require one, we specifically recommend the VAST DSD4121RV PVR Satellite Receiver. It allows you to record one channel while watching another, whereas you are limited to recording and watching the same channel with other models.



  • Automated antenna unit with twin LNBs and resilient weather-tight connectors
  • An easy-to-use indoor control unit featuring a high-quality LED screen
  • Requires a satellite receiver
  • 12V power system
  • LNB frequency of 10.7 GHz
  • Closed height of 200mm
  • Mounting base plate dimensions: 700mm (l) x 400mm (w)
  • Total weight of 16kg with dish and base plate, which rises to 19kg when considering cables and the indoor unit.


DISCLAIMER* Please note, this advice is general in nature and we strongly recommend consulting the product manual and where relevant, a professional installer.

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Sphere roof top Satellite dish not picking up sign

WE are from Busselton WA and are 9 months into a 10 month caravan trip up as far as Cooktown. While in Mareeba QLD our dish wouldn't go down. I rang the distrubutor and they sent an update. That didn't work so they suggested I unplug the box and leave it for 30 mins. That worked and the dish lowered. About a month ago we were near Raymond Terrace in a Caravan Park and I couldn't pick up a signal. I was sent an update and after a day that worked. We left Sydney 17th Feb and stopped overnight at Jugiong and again no signal. Tonight in Wagga, still no signal. Sat King box updated. no signal. Seems like this problem has arisen since the Satking box has been on NSW. Ok on QLD. Help
By: Rob and Joy Jones on

www.caravanrvcamping.com.au Response
HI Rob and Joy, it sounds like you are covering some amazing parts of the country. In terms of assisting you with your issue you would be best to go back through the channels you have already connected with to help you. These guys are the specialists when it comes to Satellite Tv's. We have little to no negative feedback on these products. So it could just be an isolated issue

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