Caravan Toilet Fittings

Toilet Fittings & Accessories 

When travelling all the time we get tired, forget things, and sometimes get physically hurt (hopefully purely from having too much fun and not, not from doing things properly). Unfortunately over time so do some of our RV’s fixtures and fittings.


So if any of your Toilet’s parts or accessories have decided on an early retirement, have a look in this section for replacement parts. If you can’t find it here, or you are not sure what you need, get in touch either by email or phone and we will see if we can get your toilet troubles sorted out. Please also check out our Plumbing section as we might stock more of what you are seeking there.

  • Evacuation Hoses
  • Flange Adaptors
  • Slide Valves
  • Sewer Hose Adaptors
  • Toilet Seats