Truck Air Conditioner

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On the road for long hot days? Stop leaving your engine running for hours to use the air con or recharge batteries during your rest stop. Stay cool and comfortable with a truck air conditioner from Dometic.

Dometic is renowned for its caravan air conditioners so you can be confident the Dometic Truck Air Conditioner range is the go-to for truck drivers.


In-cabin Truck Temperature Control

When you’re driving in hot Aussie climates, you need to know that you can control your cabin temperature for maximum comfort. Combining high performance with easy installation and usage, Dometic’s CoolAir rooftop air conditioners for trucks are designed for exactly that.  Benefit from the excellent cooling capabilities, energy efficiency and quiet operation. Choose from units to fit most cabin types, including one for trucks that cannot accommodate a roof-mounted truck air conditioner.


Everything You Need to Stay Cool

Dometic has designed a truck air conditioner especially for truckies: the Dometic RTX2000-12V. This is a self-contained battery-operated truck roof parking cooler that can be installed into the existing roof hatch. The variable speed inverter compressor provides excellent cooling and operates both quietly and efficiently for up to 6 hours.  


Check out our range of truck air conditioners from Dometic now.  


Dometic Coolair RTX 2000 24v Air Conditioner

Dometic Coolair RTX 2000 24v Air Conditioner

$2,949.00 $3,099.00

RedDot 12V Electric Rooftop Truck Air Conditioner Unit
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RedDot 24V Electric Rooftop Truck Air Conditioner Unit
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