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Caravan RV Camping



The all new Aquago Comfort is leading the field in instantanious hot water systems when on the run. For the casual or permanent recreational vehicle owner the new generation of Truma water heaters is in a class of its own. R.V.'s fitted with the class leading Truma Aqua Go, make their touring hassle free whilst on the road due to having the controls to set a precise water temperature and deliver limitless amouts of hot water. The Truma Aquago Comfort will deliver a instantaneous continuous hot water flow in just six seconds ideally suited for any recreational vehicle. The Aquago Comfort has been pushed to its limits in trails and testing and features a step-less burner management system with a powerful microprocessor allowing the heat to rise and keep a holding temperature of 49ºc. The Truma Aquago Comfort was designed with safety in mind and has an extensive list of features including a low voltage sensor, over temperature shut down, flame monitoring device, and a water thermal and exhaust gas ova temperature cut off. 



  •  The new hybrid technology enabling instant water heating
  • Temperature stabiliser patent pending 

  • Gas consumption adjustable 

  • Inlet water temperature testing with intuitive operation

  • Controlled micropressor for powerful water heating 

  • Complete with semi-automated decalcification

  • Complete with an onboard decalcification process which has a L.E.D alert signal on the control panel for when the device has to be decalcified

  • A managed step-less burner  - 5.9-17.6kw

  • An easy drain lever provides hassle free maintenance with no tools required

  • A filter cartridge that is reusable which reduces scale particles

  • Making replacing or upgrading an easy job because of its common cut out specifications   

  • Also comes in a white or black external door cover 




  • Weight: Approx 15.5kg
  • Depth: 450mm including pipe connection 
  • Width: 324mm 
  • Height: 324mm 
  • Voltage: 12 volts DC
  • Heat Settings: 324mm 
  • Water Pressure: 4.5 bar 
  • Current Comsumption: 2.5 amps 
  • Water Capacity: 1.3 litres
  • Water Temp: 49 degrees


Truma AquaGo Series - What is the Difference?


How it works

The Truma Aqua Go Plus was built exclusively for the recreational vehicle owner. The Aqua Go Plus runs on propane gas only. The Truma Aqua Go is connected between the hot water plumbing system and the R. V’s fresh water supply. The external ventilation on the exterior door allows any combustion air to feed into the system and exhaust to exit freely. When the system is turned on, the water will be warmed instantly.


  • The Aqua Go was designed with safety in mind, when the appliance reaches 0.4gallons/min (1.5 litre/min) and the faucet is closed and the automated burner switches off.

  • The appliance is fitted with a volume flow sensor and will detect the hot water faucet being opened and when the volume flow is higher than 0.4gallons/min (1.5 litre/min) then the automated burner will start.

  • The heater output is continuously adjusted through the burner control and based on  volume flow and inlet water temperature, so approximately the temperature at the hot water outlet is 120˚F (49˚c). The Aqua Go Plus is also fitted with a temperature stabilizer to decrease fluctuations of the outlet temperature.

  • After a period of time when the maximum temperature is reached at the faucet or the shower, the period will differ from model (Aqua Go Comfort to the Aqua Go Plus) and changes in the water plumbing (insulation, Variances in pipe length, circulation line, etc.) exactly like a house hold shower a desired temperature is reached by adding cold  water.   



Not what your looking for? Feel free to browse the rest of our range of Truma Appliances, Truma Hot Water SystemsHot Water Systems - For any further infomation or to speak our Hot Water Systems experts dial -1800 RV PARTS 


Truma aquago

By: on 13 November 2017
I own a Swift Eccles wayfarer caravan which carries an Alde hot water system as standard. A brilliant system which provides hot water and central heating, just not enough of it to take a reasonable shower. After a lot of research I bought the Truma Aquago and finally last week it was installed by keep travelling in wolongong. The cost of the installation was a little more than I expected because the system was to made to run in tandem with the Alde. Complications arose so the Alde does the central heating and the Truma Aquago does the rest. What a brilliant innovative product with continuous hot water that never stops delivering . Highly recommend it .

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Caravan RV Camping

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Caravan RV Camping

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