36V DC to DC Battery Chargers

36V DC to DC Chargers

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Looking for a 36 Volt battery charger for your marine motor? Your search stops here. The Sterling 36 Volt battery charger is faster than standard chargers allowing you to quickly power up your electric marine motor on your boating adventure. And it comes with a full kit for a simple DIY installation.

Waterproof 36 Volt Battery Charger

What do you need when you’re kitting out your boat? Waterproof devices. In particular, you should invest in a fully waterproof 36 Volt DC to DC charger for your boating trips. With the Sterling 36 Volt battery charger, you can submerse it to 1 metre without any problems making it the obvious choice fishing vessels where you need your trolling motor bank to be charged.


Stop worrying about your batteries going flat while you’re out on the water. With a 36 Volt battery charger, you can relax and stay out all day! Situated between the starter battery and the appliance battery, this 36 Volt battery charger uses a 4-stage charge function to charge your batteries while towing, cruising, or driving effectively and rapidly between fishing stops.


Check out the full specs of the Sterling 36 Volt battery charger before your next boat trip.


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