Pro Series Weight Distribution Hitch

Pro Series Weight Distribution Hitch

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Trail-A-Mate Jack and Pro Series Hitch Combo

Trail-A-Mate Jack and Pro Series Hitch Combo


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Pro Series Weight Distribution Hitches designed for Caravan Towing 

Want to tow a caravan safely? is your caravan swaying?  A very important caravan accessory is the Pro Series Weight Distribution Hitch designed to tranfer the load around your hitch area evenly over all axles essentially levelling up your tow vehicle and caravan setup.

Once your tow vehicle and caravan is levelled up, your brake and steering performance is maximised as per the manufactures design specifications.  

Installing one these Pro Series Hitches will also allow you to correctly adjust, and match the height of your Towball and caravan coupling.  This is very important in controlling excess sway as a caravan riding 'nose up' is a sure recipe for uncontrollable sway. 

These round bar style weight distribution hitches are designed primarily for top mounted couplings as the bars will drop down underneath, and run parrallel with your caravans A-frame.  If you have a reccessed mounted coupling, then you will get more ground clearance out using a Hayman Reece Trunion Style Weight Distribution Hitch. 


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