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Looking for a 12V freezer drawer without a fridge? Isotherm offers a 55L stainless steel compressor model that is perfect for you.

Benefits Of A 12V Freezer Drawer

Drawer freezers are popular for their easy slide-out design that makes it easier to store, organise and access food than conventional freezers. Their compact design means a 12v freezer drawer can fit into relatively small spaces and really make the most of the unused space – perfect when you need to save space in your caravan.


Our Best Rated 12V Freezer Drawer

If you’ve already got your fridge sorted and you’re just looking to add a 12V freezer drawer to your camper, RV or caravan, Isotherm offers a front opening drawer model that combines style and modern technology. The Isotherm Cruise Innox 55 litre 12v freezer drawer is equipped with an internal fan for consistent temperature control and LED internal lighting. The extra thick insulation means your power consumption is kept to a minimum, and it’s even built to the same dimensions as their 65-litre fridge for matching installation if desired. Check out the best rated 12V freezer drawer today!

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