How to Keep the Ants Out of Your Caravan

Author: Tahlia Maynard   Date Posted:24 September 2016 

It’s fair to say that if/when there are ants in your caravan you’re not going to be thrilled about it.

Let alone if they decide to go to your pants drawer. More likely, you will find these pests around your window seals, on your bench tops, in your pantry and in your food supply. It may even come to a point where you get so fed up with it all you may question whether caravanning is still for you. Before you decide to take any drastic measures you’ll regret, we have prepared a list of tips for both ant prevention and ant eradication to help you put an action plan in place and get rid of them for good – hopefully.

Phase 1: Prevention

Phase 2: Eradication

We hope you have found some of these tips and tricks useful for keeping your caravan free from those pesky ants and their friends. Try and remember that prevention really is the best cure and doing little things every day will go a long way in ensuring your home on wheels is pest free.