What You Should Do Before Putting Your Caravan in Storage

Why? To make sure that your caravan is in tip top condition and ready to hit the road as soon as you come back for it. Just because your caravan won’t be going anywhere while it’s in storage, doesn’t mean you should leave any required maintenance until you come back to pick it up. Otherwise it may not leave the storage shed after all. So here is a super quick checklist of things to do before you close the roller door:

1. Check tyres

Do a quick once over on your tyres. This means checking the tread, maybe swap around the tyres as well as inflating them all (including the spare). Make sure your caravan is ready to leave the storage shed when you come back to get it by making sure your tyres are in optimal condition.

2. Clean the interior and exterior thoroughly

Give your entire caravan a big clean on the inside and outside. With plenty of cleaning products specifically for caravans you won’t risk the paint work or any seals. While you’re giving it a thorough clean, it’s a good idea to keep an eye out for any mould build up or water leakages you may have otherwise missed. When you have finished cleaning, leave the cupboards open so they have plenty of time to ventilate.

3. Remove all food and perishables

This one goes hand in hand with cleaning out your caravan but it’s often overlooked. Remove all food items (including condiments and sealed items) so bugs and other animals don’t have any reason to venture inside your caravan. You also don’t want to return to a mouldy infestation in your cupboards.

4.Unplug and secure any electronics

One of the main causes of caravan fires is faulty electrics so ensure you do a once over before leaving it for long periods of time. Make sure all power points aren’t exposed to the weather, disconnect any power leads, and store all cords neatly (remove all kinks). It’s also a good idea for an electrician to give your caravan a once over as well and it’s especially important for them to inspect your pins. Making sure your caravans electrical wiring is in order is important when it comes to keeping your family safe and sound when you’re on your next getaway.

Doing these quick things will mean your caravan will be just how you left it when you come to take it out of storage. You can also take some photos beforehand so you have something to compare it to when you do come back for it in case anything significant happens while it is locked away. 

DISCLAIMER* Please note, this advice is general in nature and we strongly recommend consulting the product manual and where relevant, a professional installer.