Bushman Fridge Promotions

Bushman Fridge Promotions

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Bushman DC130-X 12/24V Upright Fridge/Freezer 130L
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Bushman DC85X DC 12V/24V Upright Fridge/Freezer 85L
Free Shipping
Bushman DC65X DC 12V/24V Upright Fridge/Freezer 65L
Free Shipping
Bushman DC190L-X 12/24V Black Matte Upright Fridge/Freezer 190L
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Bushman DC50X DC 12V/24V Upright Fridge/Freezer 50L
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Feeling a little overwhelmed by all the caravan fridge options out there? We’ve done the hard work for you and put together a selection of Bushman Upright Fridges we know you’ll love. 

With a range of Bushman upright fridges to choose from, check out the different sizes today. Best of all, when you treat your caravan, motorhome or 4WD to a new Bushman upright fridge, we will throw in a bonus gift!

A Bushman Upright Fridge for Every Adventure

Nothing beats an icy cold drink at the end of a hot dusty day exploring and travelling, and the Bushman 85L caravan fridge freezer now features a deeper and narrower freezer design that creates more space for you to store tall bottles easily. This Bushman upright fridge comes in a sleek design with interchangeable front panels to suit your set-up. Plus, there are handy adjustable shelves and large door balconies to prevent items from moving around while in transit.

If you’re heading out for weeks or months, and you want to carry more food and drink, we recommend looking at the Bushman DC130-X caravan fridge. Designed for long haul adventures, this Bushman upright fridge knows how to handle the heat without compromising on efficiency. With its 12V/24V power, it’s perfect if you’re wanting to go off-grid for a while and enjoy all the comforts and ease you’d get with your fridge at home.


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