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This Camec brand 100 Amp Hour Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) Sealed Lead acid battery is perfectly suited for deep cycle operations.  Run your fridge, freezer, lights, hot water, TV or any other piece of electrical equipment you can think of with a quality battery from one of Australias leading suppliers of Caravan Accessories. 

These batteries are completely sealed (SLA) which means they can be mounted at various angles and also come with extra thick lead plates which are vibration resistant making them perfect for off road and marine applications. 



  • Capacity: 100 Amp Hours @ 20 hour rate FV (1.75V/cell)
  • Dimensions: 306 x 169 x 210 mm (L x W x H)
  • Weight 25.5kg
  • 3 Years Warranty
  • Maintenance Free
  • Storage: -20 to 40C
  • Discharge: -20 to 50C


Paul's Tips:

Rule of thumb: Compare Apples with Apples! 

These batteries are tested according to Australian Standards by measuring the number of Amps discharged over a 20 hour period of time and at a set nominal discharge rate (1.75 Volts per cell). 

This Camec battery is classified as a 100 Amp hour battery because it is guaranteed to supply 100 Amps over 20 hours at the nominal discharge rate, but it could easily supply 120-130 Amps over a longer than 20 hour period - say 24 to 30 hours if we were to keep measuring. 

Make sure the lessor known brands battery capacity claims are tested @ 20 hours - no longer and at the same nominal discharge rate (1.75 Volts per cell) to accurately compare.      


SKU A-042885

Brand Camec

GTIN 9312591002563

Product Category Batteries

Battery Voltage 12V

Amp Hours (Ah): 100

Dimensions: 306 x 210 x 169 mm (L x W x H)

Weight: 25.5 Kg

NOTE: see full product specifications & further product info in the Description section on this page.

Warranty Period: 3 Years

Warranty Details: Please CLICK HERE for Warranty Information on this product

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  • What size battery do I need for my caravan?

    Great question! Your deep cycle battery for your caravan will be a minimum of 100 Amp Hours (Ah).

    The average size for a Caravan is 200Ah. Usually, 2 x 100Ah connected in Parallel. However, if your budget allows to upgrade to a Lithium battery you can get a lot more power for the size of the battery. For example, a 200Ah lithium battery can be equivalent to up to 360 Ah of an AGM battery.

    To work out exactly what size you require you need to first look at the load you are planning on drawing. The load should be calculated in Amps per hour, or Amp Hours (Ah). Batteries are rated in Amp Hours (Ah) as well.

    So, if you are drawing a 50Ah per day, a 100Ah AGM battery can provide power for about 1 day as you do not want to draw more than 50% from your battery. However, it is not always easy to find what each appliance draws. Some popular examples are following:

    • 150L 12V Fridge = 2.5 Amps per hour (2.5Ah) - runs for 24 hours a day
    • 12V Water Pump = 3.5 Amps per hour (3.5Ah) - only runs for 1 hour a day
    • Phone Charger = 0.5 Amps per hour (0.5Ah) - Maybe 4 hours per day
    • 12V Fan = 4 Amps per hour (4Ah) - Maybe 4 hours per day

    Then you will need to factor in how much charge you are putting in Daily. The charge comes in the way of Solar and in car charging via a DC to DC charger.

    Ideally you want enough charge input per day to cover the load drawn, then enough battery storage to last 2 - 3 days without charge.

  • What is best - AGM or lithium battery?

    The answer is simple. Lithium is a better product than AGM.

    Lithium is lighter, more compact, and powerful, it will also last longer.

    However, a lithium battery will cost more, because it is a highly sort after product. Almost everything that has a battery nowadays will have a lithium battery. Mobile phone, Electric Car, Electric Bike and Skateboard just to name a few.

    There are situations where you can get away with an AGM battery. If you only need about 100ah (most 4 x 4 set ups), you can purchase 1 x 100ah battery and a battery box and away you go.

    However, once you start getting into the larger amperages (200+) it really makes more sense to turn to lithium.

  • How do I charge my caravan battery?

    There are three ways to charge your caravan Battery. Either:

    • AC to DC - This is using a traditional battery charger that plugs into mains power.
    • DC to DC - This is a battery charger connected between the start battery of your tow vehicle and the Caravan Battery. This will charge the battery whilst driving.
    • Solar - Solar panels on your roof can be connected to a solar charge controller then to your Caravan Battery.
  • How much solar do I need to keep my caravan battery charged?

    Ideally, you want use as much solar as you can fit on the roof. Extra portable solar panels are also good idea if you want to park your van in the shade and run a portable panel from a lead in the sun - please see our solar range here.

    Solar is cheap relative to the rest of your system, and it provides so much of your power when you are camping off grid.

    However, the solar required depends on the load. Please feel free to contact our team for any specific questions on your battery - 1800 787 278!