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A camping hammock is the outdoor accessory you never knew you needed! CAOS and Wildtrak offer a great range of camping hammocks for your next adventure, so you can say goodbye to rocky ground and lay back and relax wherever you are.

How To Install A Camping Hammock

One of the best things about a camping hammock is the simple set-up and flexibility of location and versatility. All you need are two safe anchoring points, like a couple of sturdy trees, a balcony, or even between two 4WDs on a beach. You can install your camping hammock pretty much anywhere!


Choosing The Right Camping Hammock For You

When it comes to selecting a camping hammock there are a heap of options out there. Start by thinking about where you want to use a camping hammock – will you be sleeping in it? Installing it in your garden for lazy days? Travelling with your hammock and regularly installing and packing it away?

Looking for a lightweight, transportable but durable option? Check out the brilliant CAOS camping hammock or a Wildtrak Travel Hammock. The CAOS hammock is made from lightweight parachute material, which makes it super strong, soft, and exceptionally light. It also packs up into the smallest of spaces – perfect for every adventurer!

If you’re after a more permanent fixture, the Wildtrak Garden Hammock comes with wooden bars and a pillow. It’s made for days relaxing in the garden with a good book and cool drink. Whichever way you like to relax, we have a great range of camping hammocks for you.

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