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Dometic FreshJet 7 Series Lite Roof Top Air Conditioner with ADB
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Caravan air conditioner to suit vehicle up to 6 metres

If you have a caravan or motorhome up to 6 metres in length and need a high performance reliable rooftop air conditioner, have a look at these first-grade appliances from Hoguhton, Webasto and Dometic.

Leading the field in new and innovative design these air conditioners are leaving the competition in its wake, with features including vertical mounted compressors for reduced vibration levels, four cooling modes and reverse cycle timer functions, automatic modes, slim line aesthetically pleasing exterior design and being compatible on most premium brand inverter type generators just to name a few.

Caravan Accesories that fit the budget 

Other advantages of these products are a low installation fee because of its compatibility with existing apertures and quick mount design which entices even the low budget caravan, R.V, motorhome enthusiast.

Roof top air conditioners use the physical principal that cold air sinks, the cold air streams are spread in the vehicle interior in an energy saving manner and without performance loss.  Roof mounting allows for maximum efficacy and use of space, an ingenious system based on nature’s own, example warm air is drawn in and cooled down, while cool air sinks down naturally. 

There are unlimited adventures to be had touring throughout the Australian countryside.  From the cooler climate of the Australian snowfields to the tropical rainforests of far north Queensland, to the arid and dry conditions of inland Australia, there are multiple adventures and unlimited conditions to brave.  

Inverter technology for caravan air conditioners   

The Dometic Freshjet LITE is the latsest addition to the caravan and motorhome range with its sleek slimline design and soft start inverter technology.  This allows generators of a smaller output capacity to comfortably run these RV airconditioners in all Australian conditions.

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