Air Conditioners To Suit 5M

Suit Vehicle Length up to 5.0m

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Caravan air conditioner to suit vehicle up to 5.0 metres

Suitable for a caravan or motorhome up to 5.0 metres in length  these high performance and reliable rooftop air conditioners, are considered first class appliances from Truma and Dometic.


Cool Caravan Accesories that fit the budget 

Roof top air conditioners fitted to a Pop-Top caravan take advantage of the physical principal that cold air sinks, the cold air is layered from the bottom up. This means that these air conditioners are quite effecient to run, even in Pop Top configurations where less insulation through the canvas lining can be a problem. For Installation of these Caravan Air Conditioners into a Pop Top configuration, extra support in the roof may be required as well as an upgrade to your lift mechanism or struts. If you would like to talk to one of our friendly air conditioner experts, please phone us on 1800 787 278 or Email us:


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