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If you run on diesel, you’ll be happy to learn about DieselHeat – a premium brand of diesel hot water systems for caravans. Their sophisticated models only run on diesel, making it possible to indulge in a hot shower at the end of a dusty day, say goodbye to washing dishes in cold water, and even give your clothes a quick hand wash.

Why Diesel Hot Water Systems For Caravans Are A Great Alternative To Gas And Electric

Discover the luxury of diesel hot water systems for caravans. Hot water is one of life’s little luxuries and it’s not always guaranteed when you head off into the bush for remote camping, especially if gas and electricity aren’t an option. That’s where diesel hot water systems for caravans come in.

Which model should you choose? DieselHeat’s diesel hot water systems for caravans offer a range of models that provide insulated hot water for small to large caravans, motorhomes, off-road trucks, and even boats!

The DH15 is the most popular of the diesel hot water systems for caravans, with a super fast heat-up time and compact design that means it will fit easily into tight spaces. DieselHeat’s largest model is the DH30, offering more hot water to those where space is no problem.

All of their diesel hot water systems for caravans come pre-assembled for easy installation, feature Watermark approved tempering valves to ensure water is always delivered at safe temperatures and provide the option for integrated air heating. Check out the range here at Caravan RV Camping today!


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