Carefree Eclipse Awning

Carefree Eclipse - 12 Volt Roll Out Awning

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Looking for a strong and reliable awning that is super easy to use? You’ve come to the right place. The Carefree Eclipse awning features strong engineering and innovative features making it one of the strongest and easiest to use automated electric awnings on the market.


Carefree Eclipse Awning Sets the Bar High


The Carefree Eclipse awning is the industry's first 12V power awning to feature instant pitch adjustments. Extend the awning to six different pitch settings depending on how much shade or shelter you want.

No need for locks and latches with the Carefree Eclipse awning. As the awning unwinds, the arms unfold automatically, gliding up the in-built vertical track which is attached to the exterior wall of your RV.


When you’re ready to pack it away simply push and hold the button and the awning will roll up tight against the coach. The worm-gear drive motor locks the roller safely for travel and provides absolute protection against billowing. Other top features include automatic self-levelling and an automatic rain-dump feature – perfect when the weather is playing nice! With integrated style, trim, finish and an impeccable attention to detail, you can’t go past the Carefree Eclipse awning.


Choose the Carefree Eclipse awning in 17ft and 18ft lengths to fit your vehicle.


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