Caravan DC to DC Converters

DC to DC Converters


Convert voltage between battery systems, change the DC voltage needed and isolate your sensitive appliances. Our range of DC to DC converters lets you do it all. Find both DC to DC converters with galvanic isolation and no isolation, depending on your needs.


Galvanic Isolated DC DC Converters

Enerdrive and Victron have mastered DC galvanic isolation with DC to DC converters that provide a reliable and efficient source of power.


DC To DC Converter Features

When you buy a DC to DC converter from Enerdrive or Victron, you can be confident you’re getting innovative technology from the best in the industry. Enerdive and Victron converters both allow for multiple units to be paralleled to increase overall output.


When you buy a DC to DC converter from Enerdrive, you get features including Switch Mode Technology that protects against over current or overload, over voltage, overheating and reverse polarity connection. Enerdrive’s DC to DC converters are also interference free, meaning you enjoy a stable, reliable and efficient power supply. They are built tough and compact and omit very little heat, so you can install them safely even in tight spaces. Victron’s DC to DC converters feature a remote on-off control, meaning there’s no need for a high current switch in the input wiring.


Choose DC to DC converters with various voltages to meet your application.


Enerdrive 24V-12V 30A DC to DC Converter Non Isolated
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