EAZ LIFT Weight Distribution Hitch

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Eaz Lift Weight Distribution Hitch suitable for Caravan Towing 

Eaz Lift is a trusted name in the caravan industry, being an American Import, these strong plate welded round bar style hitches are designed for top mounted couplings and 6 inch draw bars. 

Levelling up your setup and having the correct towball applied to your hitch area is the key to safe towing.  Installing an Eaz Lift hitch is an easy and effective way to keep your family safe. 


Why Do I need a weight distribution hitch?

The idea of the weight distributing bars is to evenly transfer the caravans weight over all axles, this will restore your tow vehicles balance and ride height making brake and steering more effective.   It will also indirectly reduce sway by allowing you correctly match your towball to your caravan coupling. 


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Need help? Click here:  Caravan Towing Buyer's Guide

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