Need to ramp up your circuit protection but don't have the space? A Midi fuse is your go-to solution to maximise space and save a bit of money while you're at it.


What Is A Midi Fuse?

Midi fuses are cost-effective, space saving solution designed for protection with high current wiring. The Midi fuse features a bolt-on design that fits right into your application to save space. Ideal for battery and alternator connections, and other medium gauge cables requiring high current protection, a Midi fuse allows you to ensure efficient power distribution for applications including marine, dual battery systems, and more.


Fuses for Every Setup

If you need a fuse for your circuit, check out our wide range of products from Enerdrive, Redarc, Victron, Baintech, Blue Sea, and Narva. Make sure your dual battery system is protected from the outset. Even if you have circuit breakers, you still want fuses to protect the cables from over-current. The last thing you want is a cable fire on your adventure! If you are driving a lot, particularly over rough terrain, pay extra attention to cable protection and fuses.


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