Icebox Spare Parts

Icebox Spare Parts

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No longer do you have to replace your icebox when you lose a bung on your fishing adventure or break a latch on your camping trip. Get your hands on our replacement icebox accessories and spare parts.

Replacement Icebox Accessories

Need a replacement handle for your icebox? Lost your drainage bung at the last campsite? Don’t panic and buy a new icebox. We stock a wide range of icebox accessories so you can enjoy your icebox for many more trips to come. We sell handles, cap wheels, bungs, latches, cover handles, clips and more.


Extra Features for Your Icebox

Have you got all the top icebox accessories? Customise your icebox so it’s perfect for your needs. Check out the super handy drink holders and rod holders. We also sell small and large baskets and dividers so you can separate your foods and drinks inside the icebox. Need to fix your Dometic Cool Ice icebox securely? Buy a Dometic fixing kit. And our favourite icebox accessories? Seat cushions! Turn your icebox into a comfy seat with specially designed seat cushions.


Shop our range of Dometic icebox accessories to find the best parts for your icebox.


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