Protect your battery with our range of high-quality battery isolators from Enerdrive, Victron, Redarc and Projecta. Battery isolators are exactly what you need to run all of your high-power drawing appliances, such as fridges and lights, without worrying about your starting battery running flat on you.


Rely on Your Batteries

A battery isolator switch is designed to safely isolate the start and auxiliary batteries in a dual battery system so you can be confident that your vehicle will start whenever you’re ready to head off again. The battery isolator will protect the starting battery from a low charge in the secondary battery, so it won’t drain the primary battery. By ensuring that no loads are drawn from the vehicle when it’s not in use, you won’t have the stress of a flat battery in the middle of nowhere!

Some models will allow the start battery to be topped up and charged from the auxiliary battery when the auxiliary battery is being charged by an external source, such as solar panels or an external AC battery charger.

Top brands like Redarc offer microprocessor-controlled battery isolators that incorporate electronic components to prevent the solenoid from generating high voltage transients. This is proven to perform better than a diode battery isolator switch, which can cause voltage drop.


Redarc Smart Start 100A  12V SBI Battery Isolator
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Thunder 100A Electronic Battery Isolator

Thunder 100A Electronic Battery Isolator

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