Our Guide To Caravan Cleaning

Our Guide To Caravan Cleaning

Caravan in need of a desperate clean? Read on for our caravan cleaning tips to make sure your caravan stays looking (and smelling!) good.

Just like your car, you need to keep your caravan clean if you want it to keep its value. But more than that, a clean caravan is far more enjoyable and comfortable to travel in too.

But there’s more to caravan cleaning than a sponge and wax. Here are our top tips for keeping your caravan sparkling.

Read our guide to caravan cleaning:


What You Need:

  • Long handled broom

  • Soft bristled brush

  • Sponge

  • Large bucket (big enough to fit the broom head)

  • Soap (a car soap is good)

  • Hose with adjustable nozzle for rinsing

  • Step ladder

  • Microfibre cloth or chamois


1. Find The Right Spot

Take a minute to find a suitable place to wash your van. Choose an area with some shade, away from waterways. Make sure you have access to all sides and the top (you’ll need a ladder!). If you can find a shady spot, make sure you wash your caravan when the sun isn’t as strong, such as early morning or evening.


2. Say No To The High Pressure Wash

Tempting though it may be to point a high pressure hose at your caravan, we recommend avoiding it unless you want to do some expensive damage. High pressure water can loosen paint and seals, which may cause unwanted leaks.

A better solution is to clean your caravan the old-fashioned way: using a garden hose, bucket and sponge.

The best part is, by using a bucket and sponge, you can inspect your van’s condition and see any repairs needed.


3. Take Care With Chemicals

Consider which detergents you’ll use for caravan cleaning. A car soap will work well, as they tend to be safe for seals, paint and trims. If you have a pop-top caravan or awnings, be careful of abrasive chemicals as they can cause spotting or fading. 

4. Batten Down The Hatches!

Check all of the roof hatches, openings, windows and doors to make sure they are fully closed before you start washing. Otherwise you’ll give the interior an accidental hosing down too!


5. Dry It Out

Keep your caravan streak free by drying it out properly after washing. Use a chamois or a microfibre cloth to dry it off. Then drive around the block to blow water out of crevices, before finishing off with the cloth again.

Always make sure your fabric is dry too before you pack it away (or collapse the pop-top), otherwise you risk mould growing on the damp fabric. Speaking of which…


6. Clean Off Mould

While caravan cleaning, if you find mould on awnings and fabric, use a specific mould remover to treat it. Check that the mould remover is suitable for the fabric, such as canvas.


7. Deep Clean The Interior

Get the vacuum out and give the interior a good clean. You’ll be amazed where dust and grit find a home while you’re travelling – especially if you’ve spent any time off-roading. You can use household cleaning products for the majority of the caravan interior, such as floors and worktops. If you plan on hitting the road soon, you may want to avoid anything with too much of a chemical odour though, as it can linger!


8. Clean The Water Tank

Don’t forget to clean the water tanks too. Drain all the water from the system and turn on taps to clear out the pipes too. Then add a sanitising solution to the tank and fill it up with water to clean the insides. Depending on the sanitising product, you might need to let it sit for a few hours before draining the tank, filling it with water and draining it once more. Repeat this until you can no longer smell the cleaning fluid.


9. Give Your Solar Panels Some Attention

Keep an eye on your solar panels to see if they need cleaning. Chances are, they’ll need attention whenever you clean your van. Always check the manual of the panels for any specific cleaning and maintenance tips. As a general rule, you can do the following: Start by hosing down your solar panels. Then, use a sponge or mop to clean the panels with water and remove anything from the surface. Hose them down again to get rid of soap residue. Then check underneath to remove any debris or leaves. This ensures the airflow is good and the system stays cool.

Whatever you do, NEVER use sharp or hard objects to clean the panels as these may cause damage and stop your panes from working as efficiently as possible.


Now that you have the tips to keep your caravan sparkling you can check out our range of caravan cleaning products to get the job done! 

DISCLAIMER* Please note, this advice is general in nature and we strongly recommend consulting the product manual and where relevant, a professional installer.

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