How to Choose Your Caravan Cover

Author: Tahlia Maynard   Date Posted:15 September 2016 

Selecting a Caravan Cover

Up until 1994, caravan cover manufacturers had been using heavy and abrasive materials that would often damage the vehicles they were intended to protect. During the mid-90s, however, this all changed with the development of new, high-quality and breathable fabrics. These new covers allowed for the escape of moisture while completely eliminating the paint damage that had become associated with previous styles.

Since their revival in 1994, caravan covers have exploded in popularity, with the Australian caravan cover market being consistently measured in the tens of thousands per year. Although certain campers argue against the necessity of using caravan covers, they are great investments geared towards protecting the long-term resale value of your caravan.

The following few sections will be providing a few tips to help you select the very best caravan cover out there.

Do I Need a Caravan Cover?

As mentioned, many campers argue against the necessity of a caravan cover.

While they are correct in that a caravan cover is not needed, they are extremely valuable in the protection they provide, shielding your RV from things such as dirty rain, tree sap, the growth of mould, and UV degradation.

Campers who argue against using a caravan cover often cite issues such as damage to paint, condensation, and trapped moisture; however, the newer generation of caravan covers have completely eliminated these problems.

Types of Covers

There are many different types of protective covers available depending on your particular type of RV:

It is possible to purchase universal covers for conventional caravans (which protect from top to bottom) or those dedicated to specific caravan parts, such as at the roof, wheels, and hitch.

ADCO and Camec are currently two of the most popular Australian caravan cover manufacturers.

Picking the Right Size

Although measuring your caravan for a cover can seem like a daunting task, manufacturers have actually made it extremely simple. Because most manufacturers use standard RV height and width measurements, you only need to know the length of your caravan to choose the best fit.

To correctly measure your caravan’s length, simply measure the caravan’s body parallel to the ground, measuring from the rearmost to the foremost point.  When taking measurements, you should include any length added by the gas locker but NOT the A-Frame.

You’re going to want your caravan cover to fight nice and tightly. Therefore, if your caravan’s length falls somewhere in between size measurements, it’s always better to choose the smaller size. Choosing a larger size often requires strapping down excess materials and will ultimately be less effective than simply using a properly fitting cover.

Quality is Key

Although a low price tag can seem attractive, cheaper caravan covers are often manufactured using lower-quality materials that are less resilient to damage.

Choosing a high-quality cover over a lesser brand will always end up saving you more cash in the long-run. This is because cheaper brands rip more easily have a shorter life span when compared to their high-quality counterparts.