Waeco Cool-Ice Iceboxes: Refrigerator Power at a Fraction of the Cost

Many new campers think of iceboxes as a “primitive” type of camping product. With such a large selection of expensive and luxurious 12V camping fridges, why would anyone want to invest their money in something as ineffective and messy as an icebox?

Although a low-quality icebox can prove itself a hassle, high-quality iceboxes are a great, budget-friendly option, especially when compared to purchasing expensive 12V appliances. If you’re one of the campers who have automatically assumed that a fridge is better than an icebox, then this article may be useful for you.

Who are Waeco and Dometic?

The Dometic Group is a renowned manufacturer of luxury camping items. They boast themselves as being driven by their products’ superior construction and ease of use, and are currently providing products to over 100 countries.

The Waeco Company is an aftermarket group owned by Dometic.  Waeco specializes in offering a large variety of cutting-edge caravan additions. These include (but are not limited to), awnings, refrigerators, sanitations systems, and more.

Refrigerator Power at a Fraction of the Cost

Waeco Cool-Ice Iceboxes are undeniably some of the best iceboxes available on the market and have actually been endorsed by Shaun Whale, the editor of the Australia 4WD Action Magazine. Low-quality iceboxes tend to be constructed of flimsy plastic walls and must resort to air insulation to keep items cold. Waeco, however, uses high-grade refrigerator insulation.

This insulation is the very same type used in various models of Dometic-branded 12V refrigerators, essentially giving you refrigerator cooling power at a fraction of the cost. Although the number is dependent on a variety of factors (like ambient temperature, amount of ice, amount of cargo, and patterns of use), Waeco Cool-Ice Iceboxes can go anywhere from 3 to 10 days without having their ice supplies changed.  

Waeco Cool-Ice Features and Specs

There are a number of factors that make Waeco Cool-Ice Ice Boxes such a highly-praised product. Waeco’s Cool-Ice Iceboxes are constructed using high-quality, refrigerator-grade, foam insulation which includes a thick layer of polyurethane (known for its seamlessness and durability).This is what enables the Cool-Ice to store ice and retain cold for such long periods of time.

In addition to their high-quality construction, Waeco Cool-Ice Iceboxes also feature molded polyurethane feet, a big drain plug for easy draining, reinforced stainless steel rods and integrated hinges. Waeco Cool-Ice Iceboxes come in various sizes ranging from 13L to 110L, however, the 55L model is generally thought to be the standard.

The line’s larger models allow for added features, such as convenient ergonomically-correct polyethylene hands, specifically designed to make transportation of the icebox easier than ever before.

Cost of a Waeco Cool-Ice Icebox

Waeco Cool-Ice Iceboxes are extremely affordable. One can easily be purchased for anywhere between 38$ (13L model) to 279$ (largest model). This is in stark contrast to 12V refrigerators, which generally sell for around $1000. To explore Waeco Cool-Ice models now, click here. For questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Caravan RV Camping, Australia’s leading online superstore, directly by phone at 1800-RV-PARTS.