Waeco Cool-Ice Iceboxes: Refrigerator-Quality Cooling at a Fraction of the Price

Many campers seem to automatically assume that a 12V refrigerator is the best option for caravan cooling needs, with coolers and iceboxes seeming primitive in comparison.

Unfortunately, many campers are wrong, likely from having only been exposed to low-quality industry models.

Using high-quality iceboxes and coolers, such as Waeco Cool-Ice models, is a great and efficient way of keeping things cool without requiring the use of a generator.

The following few paragraphs, provided by Caravan  RV Camping, Australia’s leading online superstore, will be discussing the surprising capabilities of the Waeco Cool-Ice Icebox models.

We highly suggest that campers debating whether to buy a 12V refrigerator read this article prior to taking the leap as a high-quality icebox may ultimately prove to be a much more affordable option.


The Waeco Brand

The Waeco Company is an aftermarket group specializing in offering clients a vast array of innovative caravan additions, such as awnings, refrigerators, sanitation systems and more.

Owned by the Dometic Group, which advertises itself as being inspired by superior products and user-friendly additions, the Waeco brand has recently been endorsed by Shaun Whale, editor of the Australian 4WD Action Magazine.


Waeco Cool-Ice in a Nutshell

The Cool-Ice product range is a collection of high-quality iceboxes manufactured by Waeco.

Because many lower-quality iceboxes are made of thin, plastic walls, they rely on using air insulation to keep things cool. Unfortunately, this method is not very effective.

Having already constructed a number of high-performing 12V refrigerators, Waeco incorporated their refrigerator-grade insulation and recessed labyrinth seal design directly into the construction of the Cool-Ice iceboxes, ultimately providing the boxes with refrigerator cooling quality at a fraction of the price.

As a result of this innovative engineering, Waeco Cool-Ice boxes have been praised Australia-wide for their high-powered cooling abilities coupled with low heat absorption measures.

Although cooling time ultimately depends on a variety of factors (such as the ambient temperature, the amount of ice used, the amount of cargo stored, and the frequency of being opened and closed), Waeco Cool-Ice Iceboxes can go anywhere from 3-10 days without having to replace the ice.


Cool-Ice Line Specifications and Features

As mentioned, Shaun Whale of 4WD Action Magazine has publically endorsed Waeco and the Cool-Ice icebox line as cooling options of choice. 

In a video hosted on Waeco’s official website, Shaun goes over the various benefits and features that have been integrated into the Cool-Ice product line, such as:


  • Models ranging from 13L to 110L, with the 55L model being considered standard
  • Superior refrigerator-grade foam insulant composed of durable polyurethane (known for seamlessness and strength)
  • A user-friendly, large-diameter drain plug to make draining melted ice easy
  • Increased durability with reinforced stainless steel rods
  • Fully-integrated hinges
  • Larger models include high quality, ergonomically-correct polyethylene handles for easy transport.


Waeco Cool-Ice Pricing

Because of the various models incorporated into the Cool-Ice product range, the pricing of the Cool-Ice models can vary quite a bit.

In general, the smallest capacity 13L model is sold for approximately $40, while the largest capacity 110L model boasts a price tag of approximately $280. This makes them a much more affordable option than 12V refrigerators, which are often sold for approximately $1000.


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