Suburban HWS

Suburban Hot Water System Range

Get hot water when you want it with the Suburban hot water systems providing fast recovery, meaning more hot water for you with fewer cool water cycles. You can be assured of their integrity knowing they have been twice pressure tested and have confidence in their longevity as all models within the Suburban HSW range have a porcelain lined tank to prevent the damage that hot water usually produces on metal. 

The Suburban Hot water System range offers to meet your budget and needs by providing gas/electric SW6DEA, electric only SW5EA, gas only  manual ignition SW6PA and spark ignition models SW6DA, as well as varying tank capacities SW4DEA

In For The Long Haul- Keeping Costs Down

And if you need any more incentive to purchase a Suburban hot water system, these units are less labour intensive when it comes to installation in comparison to other brands of hot water systems on the market. In addition, the access points for these Suburban HWS units allow for easy servicing and maintenance allowing you get the longest lifespan out of your hot water unit.


Suburban Hot Water System (SW4DEA) Gas & 240 Volt
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Suburban Hot Water System Manual Ignition (SW6PA) Gas
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Suburban Hot Water System (SW5EA) 240 Volt Only
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