The Most Popular Truma Water Heater Models

The Most Popular Truma Water Heater Models

Campers everywhere are immersed in the ongoing debate over whether hot water is a necessity or luxury. While it’s true that many day-to-day tasks can be accomplished by simply boiling the jug or over a camp fire some will debate having a hot water system on board is definatly a top priority.

If you’re looking for a quicker, less primitive method of heating water during camping adventures, then you may want to look into purchasing a specialised Truma recerational vehicle water heater.


The Truma Brand

Truma is a worldwide brand renowned for their large selection of quality mobile camping appliances and accessories, including air conditioners, water heating systems, specialized caravan heating units, and much more.

Truma was founded in 1949 by a man named Philip Kreiss; however, it is currently advertised a family-run business located in central Putzbrunn (near Munich), with every customer order being personally processed through this source.

Each and every Truma product boasts cleverly engineered designs and innovative, easy-to-use features. Most recently, they were even awarded the Medium-Sized Company Innovation Prize during the renowned 2015 Mittlstand Summit.

Their water heating systems are, of course, no exception to this rule.


Water Heating Options Offered by Truma

Truma’s water heating can deliver multiple options when it comes to heating your water whilst upon your travels. Here are a list of Trumas award winning hot water system.

  • Truma Aquago
  • Truma Ultra Rapid
  • Truma Combi 2E, water and air heater
  • Truma Combi 4E, water and air heater

Truma UltraRapid Hot Water System - 240V Electric & Gas Operation

Showering, dishwashing, washing your hands – the Truma UltraRapid Hot Water System provides a reliable supply of hot water in leisure vehicles. Truma has now taken the development of the well-tried Boiler further and adapted it to the continuously increasing demands of the standards. The new Truma UltraRapid HWS impresses with increased heating power, compact dimensions and new black design.


  • Stronger heating element 1415 W (240V) instead of 925 W (240V) for shorter heat up and reheat time

  • Space saving dimensions (same foot print like the Boiler) and less weight than competitor products

  • Only JG connections for easier and faster installation

  • Modern design with black housing and black control panel

  • Imporved corrosion resistancy due to design and production changed of the heating element and the water tank

  • Extended warranty period of 24 months 


Truma Combi 4E 4000W Caravan Heater & Hot Water System Combo

The Truma Combi 4E Water & Air Heater is an intelligent dual purpose machine designed to provide you with uninterrupted heating and hot water on your next road trip. The Truma Combi 4E gas powered air and water heater is an innovative product that can cater to heating both air and water simultaneously and independently. Powered by liquid gas and operating on 12 volts, the system can generate up to 4000 watts of heat. All this while remaining environment friendly thanks to its 97% energy efficiency rating.

The functions of the Combi 4E are accessed via an LCD control panel, programmed for user-friendly operation. The appliance comes with a stainless steel 10 litre water tank which is both weatherproof and leakage resistant. It heats water in as little as 20 minutes, (90 minutes with the air heater operational), with the additional ability to mix and heat water while you shower. The product is equipped with performance enhancing features including a safety sensor, self-draining mechanism and anti-frost technology. The system is ducted (65mm ducting to be purchased separately), and comes with three outlet vents. Despite its high performance rating, the Combi 4E range is highly conservative in its fuel consumption, and minimal in its weight and dimensions. This maintenance-free dual purpose air and water heater is the ultimate companion for a state-of-the-art motor home.  

One device delivering two functions being able to enjoy double the comfort in your motorhome or caravan.  The Truma Combi 4E enabling you to heat the internal of your vehicle and heat your water at the same time is why the Truma Combi 4E is one of the most efficient space saving heater and hot water combo units on the RV market today. 


  • Compact and lightweight (weighs 14kg without water)

  • Gas powered (12 volts needed for ignition), with 240 volts electricity-powered water heating option when connected to mains power

  • Independent air and water heating functions (can also work simultaneously)

  • Functions accessed through user-friendly LCD control panel

  • High power output (4000 watts)

  • 10 litre durable and leak-proof stainless steel water tank

  • Rapid water heating (20 minutes)

  • 97% energy efficiency rating

  • Equipped with anti-frost technology

  • Automatic monitoring of temperature

  • Self-draining

  • Maintenance-free 


TRUMA AQUAGO Plus Hot Water System 

The all new Aquago Plus is leading the field in instantanious hot water systems when on the run. For the casual or permanent recreational vehicle owner the new generation of Truma water heaters is in a class of its own. R.V.'s fitted with the class leading Truma Aqua Go, make their travelling hassle free whilst on the road due to having the controls to set a precise water temperature and deliver limitless amouts of hot water. The Truma Aquago plus will deliver a instantaneous continuous hot water flow in just six seconds ideally suited for any recreational vehicle. The Aquago Plus has been pushed to its limits in trails and testing and features a step-less burner management system with a powerful microprocessor allowing the heat to rise and keep a holding temperature of 49ºc.

The Truma Aquago Plus was designed with safety in mind and has an extensive list of features including a low voltage sensor, over temperature shut down, flame monitoring device, and a water thermal and exhaust gas ova temperature cut off. Some other great advantages of the Truma Aquago Plus include advanced technology to operate at a freezing -20ºc for those who don't mind touring in the cooler parts of the vacationing world. Another feature that sells most adventurers is it's undeniable delivery of hot water to all faucets simultaneously throughout your R.V. No more freezing cold showers when someone turns the hot tap on in the kitchen sink which is a huge advantage if any of you have travelled without a system with these advantages.


  • The new hybrid technology enabling instant water heating

  • Temperature stabiliser patent pending 

  • Gas consumption adjustable 

  • Inlet water temperature testing with intuitive operation

  • Controlled micropressor for powerful water heating 

  • Complete with semi-automated decalcification

  • Complete with an onboard delcalcification process which has a L.E.D alert signal on the control panel for when the device has to be decalcified

  • A managed step-less burner  - 5.9-17.6kw

  • An easy drain lever provides hassle free maintenance with no tools required

  • A filter cartridge that is reuseable which reduces scale particals

  • Making replacing or upgrading an easy job because of its common cut out specifications   

  • Also comes in a white or black external door cover 

  • Enabling operation in cooler conditions down to -20ºc

  • Able to supply instantaneous hot water to all faucets simultaneously


To further explore Truma’s large selection of caravan camping products here. For additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Caravan RV Camping directly by phone at 1800 787 278. 


DISCLAIMER* Please note, this advice is general in nature and we strongly recommend consulting the product manual and where relevant, a professional installer.

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