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Truma Saphir Comfort Ducted Air Conditioner

Truma Saphir Comfort Ducted Air Conditioner

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Your caravan isn’t a completed home on wheels without a caravan hot water system. Imagine being able to clean up your camp dishes with hot water or take a hot shower at the end of a day in the bush. Sounds like a luxury? With a Truma caravan hot water system, you can enjoy these luxuries every single day of your trip!

Enjoy Caravan Hot Water on Tap

Our range of Truma systems include dual purpose solutions for your caravan – hot water and heating. These innovative caravan hot water systems can be gas or diesel powered and can provide hot water and heating simultaneously or independently, so there’s no need for compromise. Thanks to their 97 per cent energy efficiency rating, they will last for longer without you needing to worry about topping up power and gas.

Featuring pre-programmed LCD control panels, these caravan hot water systems are extremely easy to operate and come with a 10-litre water tank that is leak resistant and weatherproof. You’ll be able to enjoy hot water in just 20 minutes, and with anti-frost technology, you can be confident you’ll have access to consistent hot water even in the chilliest of Aussie winters.

Check out the full range of Truma caravan hot water systems today and find the perfect compact and lightweight solution for your camping setup.


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