Waeco Cool Ice Eskies

Waeco Cool Ice Eskies

Waeco Premium Cool-Ice Iceboxes: Everything You Need to Know


Many campers often find themselves conflicted between purchasing a caravan camping icebox/cooler or a quality 12V refrigerator.

For the most part, many people find the abilities of a refrigerator to be worth the extra price, especially when they consider the basic, shoddy insulation provided by low-quality iceboxes.

This, however, is a mistake.

High-quality iceboxes, such as Waeco’s Cool-Ice Iceboxes, are an efficient and affordable alternative to complicated 12V refrigerator models AND are capable of providing a cooling capacity above and beyond what is expected of them.

If you’re currently trying to decide between a 12V fridge and a quality caravan icebox, or if you’re simply interested in learning more about Waeco’s Cool –Ice product range, in general, continue reading on.


Who Are Waeco?

The Dometic Group provides luxury RV camping products to over 100 countries worldwide and advertises itself as being driven by a combination of high-quality and user-friendliness.

Owned by the Dometic Group, the Waeco Company is an aftermarket brand dedicated to providing caravan enthusiasts with a large variety of innovative RV camping add-ons, such as awnings, refrigerators, sanitation systems, and more.


What Are Waeco Cool-Ice Iceboxes?

Cool-Ice is a high-quality icebox line offered by Waeco.

Lesser iceboxes tend to be composed of thin plastic walls and make use of air insulation, what is an inefficient cooling technique.

Waeco Iceboxes, on the other hand, are specifically engineered with Waeco-branded superior-grade refrigeration insulation and a recessed labyrinth seal design.

As a result, Waeco Cool-Ice Iceboxes have been highly praised for their low levels of heat absorption and superior cooling abilities.

Depending on certain variables (such as the ambient temperature, type of ice, amount of goods, and usage patterns), Waeco Cool-Ice Iceboxes are capable of storing ice anywhere from 3 to 10 days.


What about Specifications and Features?

In a video created for Waeco, Shaun Whale, editor of Australia’s 4WD Action Magazine, elaborates on a few key specifications and features making the Cool-Ice Icebox his cooler of choice.

As mentioned, Waeco’s Cool-Ice Iceboxes are made of a superior-grade, foam, refrigerator insulation composed of a thick, polyurethane layer known for its seamlessness and strength.

Integrated into the icebox’s design are durable, molded feet (also composed of polyurethane) and a large diameter drain plug geared towards easily draining melted ice. Stainless steel rods provide these coolers with reinforced strength, while their fully-integrated hinges deliver a convenient element of user-friendliness. 

Larger sized models additionally include durable, ergonomically-correct, polyethylene handles geared towards ensuring a quick and easy transportation.

Waeco’s Cool-Iceboxes are available in size capacities varying from 13 to 110L, with 55L being considered standard.

Unlike 12V camping refrigerators, which are generally priced somewhere in the field of $1000, Waeco Cool-Iceboxes are extremely affordable ranging from $38 (for the smallest capacity) to $279 (for the giant 110L).


For additional information regarding Waeco Cool-Ice Iceboxes, click here now or contact us via phone at 1800-RV-PARTS. 

DISCLAIMER* Please note, this advice is general in nature and we strongly recommend consulting the product manual and where relevant, a professional installer.

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